I help women launch a Pinterest VA business and confidently scale to a full time income as a Pinterest expert.

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success stories

Courtney Stitch

I can’t even begin to tell you how becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant has CHANGED the scope of our lives. My husband is SOOO much less stressed now and on top of that, I’m genuinely doing what I love!

Marisa Santiago

Starting a new business is kind of scary. Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! has given me a lot of confidence to push myself and learn new skills as I build my own business.

“Whatever your goal is, we are here to cheer you on!"

— Kristin and the PVA Team

Tara Reid

I have taken A LOT of business courses and this program is by far my favorite – I’ve made my investment back X15.

The material is laid out in a very easy to understand way, there is NO fluff and EVERYTHING is strategic and to the point.

Suzie Nava

I decided to sign up for the program when I was pregnant with my second child. I wanted to still be able to help support my family financially, but without having to leave home and be away for my kids.

These days, I’m in a position where I can really choose what clients I pitch to or projects I take on. 

Erica Muddiman

The program gave me the confidence I needed to get started, push forward and make this business dream a reality.

Had I not taken a chance, I would likely still be figuring out exactly where to start. Last year I was able to leave my full-time job and now work my Pinterest Business full time!

Tammy Turner

My husband and I travel full-time, so I needed to find a business I could take on the road with me. This has been the best decision I've ever made!

In my first two months, I had six clients, and I actually got back my investment in the program in the very first month that I was working.

Victoria Sharp

I turned in my resignation to my job today – I can officially say I’m a full-time Pinterest VA!

Melody Flynn

Before enrolling in this program, I didn't know my worth as a Pinterest VA – it really opened my eyes to my own potential.

Pinterest has been growing exponentially, making this program an invaluable resource that I recommend to everyone, beginner or advanced VAs alike, looking to add Pinterest services to their repertoire.

Gina Glenn

I now have 7 Pinterest clients – my biggest is a podcast network, which is like VA'ing for 10 people! #YouLaunchedMe THANKS!!

Megan Haskin

I really wanted to be able to work from anywhere without being tied to a teaching contract in one place. I appreciated the information I received in the program regarding how to work with and find clients.

I walked away with the confidence to help approach potential clients along with the professional onboarding system to use for when I gained my first client.

Lindsay Martin

I just landed my first TWO Pinterest clients within the same week! I am beyond excited and extremely grateful – this wouldn't have been possible without this program.

I've pitched 10 leads from the Pinterest VA Community and have landed FOUR of them! Thanks so much!

Sierra Schmidt

Liz Stapleton

One piece of advice I have is don’t wait – the sooner you get started, the sooner you can start earning money. There is definitely a need for more Pinterest VAs and this program provides a great foundation upon which to build your Pinterest VA business.

Anela Mahoe

It took less than 30 days after finishing the course to book my first client. Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! is a great framework for starting your own Pinterest VA business. It'll take hard work and consistency in the beginning, but eventually you'll see results and reap the benefits.

Monica Draudt

So far this month I made well over $1k. PLUS, I have gained at least 1 new Pinterest client per month since starting my journey after finishing the program.