Learn why Pinterest is the BEST online marketing platform in existence and cultivate the skill set you need to become a successful Pinterest virtual assistant and your role in working with clients.

We'll also cover the basics of what makes for a good client and which ones you should avoid.

We'll break down how much to charge for each service and help you create custom packages for clients.

We'll cover package pricing, recurring and one-time services, and how to display your services online!

Here’s what your future self will look like after completing this program!

You're a successful business owner who specializes in Pinterest.

You confidently offer stellar services and charge accordingly.

As your experience and business grows, you can hand over more tasks to your team.

Learn how to work less while still having more money in your pocket. Talk about a return on your investment!

You work smarter, not harder.

Using a variety of methods, we’ll show you how to find and land clients in specific markets, using our exact pitching templates.

Defining your target market (i.e. who you want to work with) and where to look for prospects that fit the bill is essential.

You're a valuable part of the team that helps your dream clients achieve success.

Choose your monthly income goal and we'll recommend the best program for your goal.

Click on your monthly goal!











Pinterest Manager Academy

Become A Pinterest VA Today!

Become A Pinterest VA Today!

Become A Pinterest VA Today!

Pinterest Manager Academy

Pinterest Expert Business Academy

Pinterest Manager Academy

Pinterest Expert Business Academy

Pinterest Expert Business Academy

Pinterest Expert Business Academy


Pinterest Manager Academy

Includes our signature program

PLUS lifetime access to our community, peer support, additional training and our (profitable) amazing client leads!


Become A Pinterest VA Today!

Our signature program

Includes tools, steps, tech, resources and workbooks to be successful

This self-study program does not include any community features.


Pinterest Expert Business Academy

Includes Become A Pinterest VA Today! and Pinterest Manager Academy

PLUS high-level coaching to help you confidently scale to 5-figure months.

Our signature program shares all the tools, steps, tech, resources, workbooks you need to know you’re doing this well.

Join Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! 

Includes our signature program and lifetime access to our Community, peer support, additional training and our (profitable) amazing client leads!

Level up to Pinterest Manager Academy to enhance your results

We’ve got your back with our exclusive coaching program as you confidently scale to 5-figure months.

Invest in Pinterest Expert Business Academy

What's included with
Become A Pinterest VA Today! 

Access to our multiple tech training schools so you can hone and polish your Pinterest skills across a variety of platforms



Our Pinterest experts teach you exactly how to use and optimize Canva, Tailwind, and Pinterest with up-to-date training

How to attract your dream clients to your business with our fool-proof methods


Confidently work with clients (whether it's your 1st or 10th client!) who say a big YES to you and your services

How to create high-level packages that best utilize your time and skill set

Nothing feels better than setting up your business and officially being your own boss


Get your business online and announce it to the world with our favorite tools and resources

Ditch that negative voice in your head and embrace your confidence with empowering tips from our mindset coach

There is no one-size-fits-all package for clients. That's why you'll learn an array of services that are in high demand by clients

All Services to Offer clients

Whether it's helping clients as a one-time project or long-term, we'll help you decide which package offerings fit your lifestyle the best

Crush your client's expectations with our done-for-you templates, guides, and how-to's from start to finish 

Create client packages that you can put on autopilot

Choose from our two specific package plans based on your financial goals and availability

How and when to increase your rates, doing the same amount of work

make more and work less


Become A Pinterest VA Today! is structured into 3 tiers so you can choose the best one for you and your financial goals.

Choose the Program Tier That is Right For You and Your Future

Pick one!

Our signature program is self-study, available 24/7 and go at your own pace.

Your financial goal is to have a high-paying side hustle in your spare time.

You prefer to be independent and do not want access to our community, support or client leads.

Includes our signature program plus

Your goal is to build solid, steady monthly income doing fulfilling work you love as a Pinterest manager.

You want immediate access to your peers, the community, and access to our diverse client leads.

You want to offer additional services outside of the standard services with our higher-level services and tutorials.

You want to learn from other Pinterest managers and view their journeys to success.

Become A Pinterest VA Today!

Pinterest Manager Academy

Includes everything above plus

Your goal is to ditch your 9-5 and create a 5-figure monthly income, all while working fewer hours. 

In addition to service offerings, you want to round out your business with digital products, high-paying client intensives and additional 'micro' and 'macro' services to offer at the highest level.

You want 1:1 individualized feedback from Kristin and the team. 

You're ready to work less, hire your first team member (or more!) and work smarter with our proven time-saving strategies. 

Pinterest Expert Business Academy




A flexible, fulfilling career

Being in control of who you work with and what you do

More time for your lifestyle so you can balance playing with your kids, traveling the world, and enjoying your life while you enjoy meaningful work

Working wherever you want because your business is virtual

Unlimited earning potential because you aren’t limited to what your 9-5 gives you

Surrounding yourself with a community of other go-getters

With Become A Pinterest VA Today! you are saying yes to… 


Your big dream, whatever that means for you

Is it time to commit to your success and create a life you love?


$3.3 Million

Client lead revenue through our community


Happy dances done to celebrate your success


Countries with alumni
Happy students

This       for you if:

YOU Are ambitious, motivated, and ready for a change

You Buy a program hoping it’ll magically fix everything


YOU Are not actively engaged in the MATERIAL and interested in learning

YOU Are ready to have your own business and the confidence that comes with it

It's probably          for you if...

YOU Won’t actually do the work or implement what you’ve learned



It's probably
for you if...

Client Jenifer S.

I've hired two Pinterest VAs that were graduates of the program.

Both times the hiring process was easy and both of my VAs have been invaluable in driving traffic to my site and the resulting growth in page views and revenue.

Handing the Pinterest-related tasks over to them freed up my time and energy to focus on creating content.

I just wish I'd done it sooner!

Our Adventuring Family

Frequently Asked Questions

The only way to join our programs is through getting on our email list. We share important dates and events all via email.

The best place to get started is to watch our free training workshop! You will learn about the program tiers in detail, a day in the life of a Pinterest VA, student case studies and examples and a Q+A. 

How do I enroll in your programs?

You don’t have to have much experience to get started as a Pinterest virtual assistant, but you do need to be willing to learn a new skill, be proactive and ready to put in the work.

Become a Pinterest VA Today! is a great fit for those that already use Pinterest for fun! The program will teach you what you need to know to specialize as a Pinterest virtual assistant, including technical training, what services to offer, how much to charge, how to find clients and more!

What if I'm really new to Pinterest or VA work?

As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, you can live anywhere, work from anywhere and have clients from anywhere! We have students in 17 countries and work with clients in the United States and abroad. Reliable Wi-Fi is a must! 

Can I live anywhere and do this?

Absolutely! Other students have started from a similar place in their journey and the program has helped them to level-up their business with our package rates and samples. 

I already have a couple of Pinterest VA clients – will I benefit from this program?

Are there any other expenses besides the program investment?

Our two main tools are Tailwind and Canva Pro; we provide free trials inside the program. We also recommend owning a domain name and website to display your services, which we review in the program. 

A laptop with reliable Wi-Fi is a must (you can view the program with an iPad, but a laptop is required for client services.)

While social media is a great place to start for free, having your own website to showcase your services is best in the long run. We teach you all of this inside the program!

How to Become a Pinterest Manager and Land Your 1st Client!

Join us at our next live workshop as we open enrollment and teach the following:

✔️ How to work less and make more this summer

✔️ What Pinterest skills you need and how to use what you already know

✔️ How to find clients

✔️ What services to offer and how much to charge

✔️ Explore our 3 programs

✔️ Q+A session to answer all your questions


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    a Day in the Life of a
    Pinterest Virtual Assistant