Happy fall enrollment!

Save $600 with code PUMPKIN when you join Pinterest Manager Academy!

Happy fall enrollment! Save $600 with code PUMPKIN when you join Pinterest Manager Academy!                 

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$3.9 Million

Client lead revenue through our community


Happy dances done to celebrate your success


Countries with alumni
Happy students

A flexible, fulfilling career

Being in control of who you work with and what you do

More time for your lifestyle so you can balance playing with your kids, traveling the world, and enjoying your life while you enjoy meaningful work

Working wherever you want because your business is virtual

Unlimited earning potential because you aren’t limited to what your 9-5 gives you

Surrounding yourself with a community of other go-getters

With our Pinterest VA programs, you are saying yes to… 

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Your big dream, whatever that means for you

Is it time to commit to your success and create a life you love?

I’ve been in your shoes.

I know what it feels like to want something more without quite knowing how to achieve it.

I know what it feels like to feel unappreciated at your job or to come up short on income.

And wanting to be in control of your time and your earning potential…I’ve been there, too.

So I completely know that while it can be scary to take your income and matters into your own hands, you can do it!

You can have a fulfilling life with the dream income (without having a full time workload).

Whatever your goal happens to be, we can help you make it a reality!

Those questions and thoughts are valid...and we can totally flip the script on those things that feel uncertain or scary.

Learn why Pinterest is the BEST online marketing platform in existence and cultivate the skill set you need to become a successful Pinterest manager and your role in working with clients.

We'll also cover the basics of what makes for a good client and which ones you should avoid.

We'll break down how much to charge for each service and help you create custom packages for clients.

We'll cover package pricing, recurring and one-time services, and how to display your services online!

Here’s what your future self will look like after completing our program!

You're a successful business owner who specializes in Pinterest.

You confidently offer stellar services and charge accordingly.

As your experience and business grows, you can create systems and hand over more tasks to your team.

Learn how to work less while still having more money in your pocket. Talk about a return on your investment!

You work smarter, not harder.

Using a variety of methods, we’ll show you how to find and land clients, using our exact pitching templates.

You'll explore different types of clients you want to work with, whether it's your online dream business or your favorite local shop down the street.

You're a valuable part of the team that helps your dream clients achieve success.


Phase 3

Let's make money! Everything between you and your client happens here. 

You need it, we dreamed it. Anything you need is at your fingertips, with our robust PVA library. Literally, we have every document you need to flourish. 


Phase 2

Yippee, now it's on to establishing your brand online. Bring on the fun and creativity - and if you fear you lack the creative gene, we've got you covered!

You'll pick out your social media handles and build a gorgeous but impactful single page website with your unique tagline. 


This is all about you and establishing your business, YAY!

You'll answer our questions, fill in the blanks, discover your fave clients and set up your Pinterest marketing packages and pricing.

Phase 1

Your Pinterest Journey Begins the Moment You Join Our Program!


Phase 4

When you get that feeling that it's time, it's time!

Level up your business and get even more eyes on you! Your clients already know you're awesome, so let's announce it to the world!

Phase 5

premium access to high level skills 

In addition to receiving the program Become A Pinterest VA Today!, you'll also receive the following high level training schools so you can charge more for your services as a Pinterest Manager:

Pinterest Ads
Alumni Q+A 
VIP Days
Power Hours
How to Grow Your Team

Business skills you will learn from our top-rated Pinterest programs! 

Access to our multiple skill development trainings so you can hone and polish your Pinterest skills across a variety of platforms

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Our Pinterest experts teach you exactly how to use and optimize Pinterest with up-to-date training

How to attract your dream clients to your business with our fool-proof methods


Confidently work with clients (whether it's your 1st or 10th client!) who say a big YES to you and your services

How to create high-level packages that best utilize your time and skill set

Nothing feels better than setting up your business and officially being your own boss


Get your business online and announce it to the world with our favorite tools and resources

Ditch that negative voice in your head and embrace your confidence with empowering tips from our mindset coach

There is no one-size-fits-all package for clients, but we'll teach you various packages that start at $1,000+ per client. 

All Services to Offer clients

Whether it's helping clients as a one-time project or long-term, we'll help you decide which package offerings fit your lifestyle the best

Crush your client's expectations with our done-for-you templates, guides, and how-to's from start to finish 

Create client packages that you can put on autopilot

Choose from our specific package plans based on your financial goals and availability, and how you only need 6-10 hours per client to offer a $1,000 package.

How and when to increase your rates, doing the same amount of work, with our 'work smarter, not harder' mentality

make more and work less

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"In my first two months, I had SIX clients!"

Tammy and her husband travel full time. She started her Pinterest virtual assistant business so she can work from anywhere.

Student Wins!

"I invested in the PVA program because I was looking for a way to leave my 9-5!"

Erica left the hospitality world after her Pinterest management business flourished.

This       for you if:

YOU Are ambitious, motivated, and ready for a change

You Buy a program hoping it’ll magically fix everything

YOU crave financial freedom, whether it's a side hustle or full-time income

YOU Are not actively engaged in the MATERIAL and interested in learning

YOU Are ready to have your own business and the confidence that comes with it

It's probably          for you if...

YOU Won’t actually do the work or implement what you’ve learned



It's probably
for you if...

NEW and UPDATED $399 value

Written by our lawyer, our updated client contracts are intended to lock in a business relationship between you and your client, provide peace of mind and set expectations. 

Fully customizable to fit your unique business needs, your client will feel confident signing this professional contract that you customize per client right inside Canva. 

NEW and UPDATED    $199 value

Our math checks out when it comes to our Pinterest marketing packages.

Use our fill-in-the-blank pricing sheets to determine your pricing, time investment and more!

Learn how to charge $1,000+ per client so your client gets results and you get paid your worth!

Let's talk bonuses! 

Two Pinterest VA/Manager and Client Contracts

Pricing Formulas and New Client Rates

NEW    $299 value

Clients want to see social proof you have a website! You'll get access to our very own, private built out Pinterest VA website just for students that you can use for reference and inspiration. 

The website templates we recommend range from free to $130! 

Launch Your Website in a Day

We value realistic, no-fluff bonuses that you'll put to use inside your Pinterest VA business to maximize your revenue and streamline your time.

NEW and UPDATED    $299 value

Every Pinterest marketing package we provide includes step-by-step 'behind the scenes' training on how to complete your work, become efficient and track your time.

There's no guessing what to do - you'll have every step from start to finish!

Skill Learning & Development

NEW    $299 value

Have questions? Inside Become A Pinterest VA Today!, you'll have access to submitting your questions and our video vault. 

Q+A Audio and Video Vault

NEW and UPDATED    $399 value

All workbooks, catalogs, guides and templates, vision boards are either brand new or have been updated to reflect Pinterest and client best practices.

Ditch the stress of figuring this out on your own and welcome the calmness of being organized from day 1. 

Systems to Start

6 Recorded
Trainings with Kristin

Kristin and PVA team members previously recorded 6 live sessions with students as they went through the program. 

You'll receive access to the replays inside the program. 

NEW and UPDATED $599 value

Pay in Full, PayPal and Buy Now, Pay Later Options Available at Checkout
Use code PUMPKIN at checkout to save $600

With Pinterest Manager Academy, you can start a new side hustle or career, all while working from home or on the go!


Buy Now Pay Later Options

1 Time Payment

Hi, I'm Kristin Larsen! 

I’m here to remind you of the incredible possibilities life has to offer AND the fact that building the bridge to what you want doesn’t have to be so hard.

Think about the life you want to live.

Why not make it a sure thing by learning from someone who has accomplished exactly what you want to accomplish? 

After helping over 5,000+ students launch their Pinterest businesses since 2016, I'm confident that you are in the right place! 

"I've hired two Pinterest VAs that were graduates of the program.

Both times the hiring process was easy!

Both of my VAs have been invaluable in driving traffic to my site and the resulting growth in page views and revenue."

"I turned in my resignation to my job today – I can officially say I’m offering
Pinterest services
full time!"

"I can’t even begin to tell you how this program has CHANGED the scope of our lives.

My husband is SOOO much less stressed now and on top of that, I’m genuinely doing what I love!"

enroll today!

- Jenifer

“I have taken A LOT of business courses and this program is by far my favorite – I’ve made my investment back X15.

The material is laid out in a very easy to understand way, there is NO fluff and EVERYTHING is strategic and to the point.”

- Tara

- Victoria

- Courtney

1,000+ client leads have hired Pinterest VAs from our trusted community

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Students are Landing Clients, Earning Income and Quitting Their Day Jobs!

Can I live anywhere and do this?

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, you can live anywhere, work from anywhere and have clients from anywhere!

We have students in 19 countries and work with clients in the United States and abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased Become A Pinterest VA Today!, but I really want Pinterest Manager Academy. What should I do?

We get this question a lot! We have an upgrade link directly inside the program. You can purchase in full or use a Buy Now Pay Later option when upgrading.

Do you have a refund policy?

Updated July 17, 2023: We have a 7-day refund period. As long as you don't go past Module 1 (we can tell), you can request a refund within 7 days of time of purchase, excluding Pinterest Expert Business Academy. 

With over 5,300 happy Pinterest VA students and alumni, we're confident about our program material!

Pinterest changes a lot, are your programs up to date?

Yes! One of the best perks about our programs is they are updated when Pinterest makes an official change.

Unlike many programs, we invest back in our students! With an entire Pinterest devoted team, our material is routinely updated. You will find a log inside the program of recent updates!

I already offer Pinterest VA services. Will I benefit from this program?

Yes! Every existing Pinterest VA that has taken our program agrees that she never even considered offering our packages - and most were undercharging for their time and experience. 

Is there a Facebook community?

After helping thousands of students since 2016, we have found that students prefer to ask their questions and be on their way.

We specifically created the Q+A Audio and Video Vault based on student requests to have straight, direct answers instead of needing to be regularly checking into a Facebook group (which has been retired).

We have a Q+A form inside the program where you can ask a question!

Each month, we record our private Q+A podcast inside the program so every student benefits!

Are there any other costs for starting my Pinterest VA business?

Starting your own business can take some resources! We share DIY, free options you can start with and upgrade paid options (that make sense) as your business grows. 

The only extra investment we DO recommend is having a website (with hosting) and have an entire section in the program about this. This can vary in price, from $100 - $300+ per year. 

How do I gain access to client leads?

We go over this inside the program! Client leads are exclusive to Pinterest Manager Academy students only. We verify your business is ready to go and you'll receive every client lead we vet and approve via email.

No need to constantly check into a community or Facebook group ~ we send each lead straight to your inbox.

Is the market oversaturated for Pinterest VAs and Managers?

In the US, there are over 40 millions small businesses. According to Education Data, 4.43 million students graduated college in 2021, with the top 50% majoring in the same 5 degrees!

Our opinion? Are these thoughts holding you back or an excuse not to move forward?

Yes! Select a Buy Now Pay Later option at checkout - you'll be presented with different payment plan options. Pick the one that is best for you!

Do you have Apple Pay?

Yes! Make sure you are using Safari to access the checkout page. 

Do you guarantee my success?

We can provide you with all the material and our expertise, but it's up to you to do the work. Just like getting a college degree, going to trade school or learning a new hobby, it takes time to learn a new skill!

Our best advice? Just get started and take action as you go - we outline all of this in the program!

How long do I have access to the material?

Upon enrollment, you can access the program for 24 months from your purchase date. Most students launch their VA business quickly after joining and refer back to the material within the first year as their business grows.