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Get paid to play on Pinterest. 📌

Take control over your career future by becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant today!


There is no other online program like
Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! on the market.

This highly coveted service offering is in demand by the 3 B’s – bloggers, business owners and brands alike.

What exactly is a Pinterest virtual assistant? 

A Pinterest VA helps the 3 B’s expand their marketing efforts through the Pinterest platform.

As a Pinterest virtual assistant you work remotely and virtually, at a time that’s convenient for you.

We’ll teach you exactly what you need to know to launch your Pinterest virtual assistant biz from scratch (or take your existing VA biz up a notch!) and start getting paid what you’re worth. 🤑

Read 👇 to learn how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant!

What would happen if you...

🏡 Worked at home (or anywhere!) for just an hour or two per week per client at a time that was convenient for you?

🍽 Had the most interesting job at the dinner party?

☕ Went to the doctor, volunteered in your kid’s classroom or had coffee with a friend – during the DAY!

💵 Started a new side hustle and built a business that pays more than your day job?

Pinterest Virtual Assistants come from ALL backgrounds…

👠 Career changers looking to build a virtual biz & master a new skill.

👩‍👧‍👦 SAHM’s looking to bring extra income into their household.

📌 Social media managers looking to learn and offer Pinterest services.

👩‍💻 Existing virtual assistants looking to niche down and/or scale their biz.

💻 Tech-savvy recent retirees looking to supplement their retirement income.

💰 Anyone that loves Pinterest and could benefit from some extra spending money.

Meet Megan!

Megan became a Pinterest virtual assistant because she wanted more flexibility with her schedule.  

Within 30 days of signing up for the program, she gained confidence and landed her first client!  

Eight months later, she now has 12 monthly Pinterest management clients while traveling the world. 

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn in each of the 4 modules:

Understanding the PVA Role

Learn why Pinterest is the BEST online marketing platform in existence, the basic skill-set you need to become a successful Pinterest Virtual Assistant and your role in working with clients.

We’ll also cover the basics of what makes for a good client and which ones you should try and avoid. 


9 Services You Can Offer + How Much to Charge

Explore 9 specific services you can offer inside of the Pinterest niche. Yes, there are that many!

While you can pick and choose what services to offer, you will most likely gravitate towards different services based on your interests and growing experience – ALL pay well.

You’ll learn all about pricing, including how much to charge and the difference between Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced clients. We’ll cover package pricing, recurring and one-time services. Lastly, we’ll teach you how to display your services online! 

Our students earn recurring monthly (aka month-after-month!) income, ranging from side hustle level to quitting their day jobs and bringing home a full-time salary!


How to Find and Land Pinterest Clients

Using a variety of prospecting methods, we’ll show you how to find and land clients in specific markets, using our exact pitching templates. BOOM! 👊

This is one of our favorite modules – landing clients is kinda how you get paid!

So learning how to define your target market (i.e. who you want to work with) and where to look for prospects that fit the bill is essential.


Client Onboarding/Growing the Client Relationship

Our bonus client onboarding workbook will walk you through the entire onboarding process – use it every time you land a client!

Confidently measure and deliver monthly client reporting using our bonus analytics workbook and customizable reporting template.

We’ll even review how to invoice clients (with examples!) and best business practices, so you know how to get paid yo! 


Additionally, we’ll arm you with some mad tech skills
(the program includes more than what’s listed)! 👇

✅ Learn the Basics (or Get a Refresher!)

Whether you are brand new to Pinterest or have a couple of Pinterest VA clients under your belt, we regularly update our tech training videos to include basic how-to’s, highlight new features and more. 

The video training makes for great building blocks – watch them over-and-over if needed and use them to implement the basics for every client.


✅ Prep Your Client’s Account

Before you can fully maximize your client’s Pinterest potential, it’s important to make sure your client’s account is prepped and ready.

Heck, most existing clients need a quick tidy up!

Master the steps you need to take when you land your first client and exactly how to set up their Pinterest and Tailwind accounts.


✅ How to Maximize Pinterest's Smart Feed

Organically grow your client’s account by increasing Pinterest traffic, click thru rates and obtaining higher search result rankings (what others refer to as “SEO”). 

We’ll cover the strategies we’ve used and recommend for optimal results. Bonus, we’ll cover the impact of Tailwind Tribes and group boards too!


✅ How to Implement Pinterest's Best Practices for 2020

After Pinterest announced their best new practices, you can count on the program to bring you all the current and updated changes.

You’ll learn what works best for your Pinterest clients – and what is no longer working.


✅ Pin Design and Pinterest SEO

All pins are not created equal and not all pins will go viral.

No worries – we understand the difference and can teach you too!

Learn what to look for when reviewing a client’s pin, how to make improvements and/or how to make a new pin from scratch.

We’ll share our favorite (FREE!) tool we use for creating pins and how to design pins in batches to save time. 

It’s not all about designing a pretty pin though!

You’ll learn all about Pinterest SEO (it’s similar to Google SEO), and how to organically get your client’s pins to rank higher in the search bar – this leads to more traffic and click throughs.


✅ Confirm Your Client Is Capitalizing on Their Pinterest Traffic

As a Pinterest VA and Pinterest Manager, your job is to grow your client’s Pinterest account and send traffic back to their website.  

Your role is an important piece of a client’s marketing plan – but is your client effectively using Pinterest for maximum gains?  

If your client doesn’t have a strong strategy in place on their end (and isn’t producing revenue properly), the traffic you drive to your client’s account will be moot. 

As in no good. 😓  

It’s important to learn how a client uses various strategies to capitalize on Pinterest traffic – while most clients already have a system in place, not all will! 

Many Pinterest VAs and Pinterest Managers often provide additional marketing help (at an additional cost!) to help a client capitalize on Pinterest traffic – we love ways to scale!


Meet Suzie!

Suzie decided to sign up for the program when she was pregnant with her second child. 

She wanted to still be able to help support her family financially, but without having to leave home and be away for her kids.

Becoming a Pinterest VA sounds like the perfect opportunity for her at the time, so she took the plunge and invested in Become a Pinterest VA TODAY!

“I was hesitant because I felt like I was spending a lot of money upfront and we were super tight financially,” Suzie shared. “Still, I was determined to find some way to make money working from home.”

It took her two months to complete the course and land her first paying client. Now, she’s booked to her capacity as a part-time Pinterest VA and has surpassed her initial monthly income goal.



👇 Bonuses Breakdown 👇

60 Days of Tailwind for FREE! ($30 value)

Tailwind is our favorite scheduling tool (that we personally use!) and recommend. We provide you with a free, 60-day trial for personal use before you start working with clients. And yes, your client pays for a Tailwind membership.

Better yet? Tailwind is an official partner with Pinterest when it comes to scheduling tools.

Even better? Kristin is a Tailwind ambassador and works directly with the Tailwind team as they release new features.

We provide private workshops with the Tailwind team so you can learn exactly how to optimize the platform. 

Client Onboarding Workbook ($99 value)

Client’s value a “take charge” mentality and will have mad respect for you taking control and onboarding them as your new client.

Our workbook makes this process turn-key and positions you as the expert. Use it with each new client to look polished, professional and on top of your game!

Promoted Pins: Client Onboarding Workbook ($99 value)

In addition to our Promoted Pins training, you’ll also receive a client onboarding workbook that you can use with every new client who wants to run promoted pin campaigns. 

The workbook will walk you through step-by-step how to work with your clients – again placing you in the driver’s seat and proving your value to your clients!

Client Monthly Analytics Report and Template ($99 value)

Metrics are important to clients! They are looking for specific results afterall.

Confidently deliver monthly reporting to your clients with our customizable template report and graphic forms. Again, we try to make things turn-key for ya!

Lifetime Access to the Program + FREE Updates to the Material (#totallypriceless!)

We regularly update the program material with new lessons and videos as Pinterest, Tailwind or any other platform that we use makes updates.

We know how important it is to work with a client and be up-to-date on all things Pinterest, so we’ve got you covered. 

Every time we make a change to the course, we’ll let you know via email! 💌

Enrollment for Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! only opens twice a year – once in the Spring 🌷 and once in the Fall. 🍁

Real students, real results!


The investment for yourself inside the program is $799. Students could pay in full and save $159, or select a 2-month payment plan for $479 per month.

Don’t be embarrassed!

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant works with the 3 B’s – bloggers, brands and businesses to help grow their marketing efforts on the Pinterest platform.

You don’t have to have much experience to get started as a virtual assistant, but you do need to be willing to learn a new skill, be proactive and ready to put in the work!

Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! is a great fit for those that already use Pinterest for fun! The course will teach you what you need to know to specialize as a Pinterest virtual assistant, including technical training, what services to offer, how much to charge, how to find clients and more!

The technical training not only covers Pinterest, but also Tailwind (the scheduling tool we recommend) and Canva (the free graphic design tool we love and use daily!).

In addition to our templates and worksheets, you’ll also have access to the ‘Client Onboarding’ workbook that will walk you step-by-step through getting started working with your first client!

As a Pinterest virtual assistant, you can live anywhere, work from anywhere and have clients from anywhere!

Many of our students live in countries all over the world and work with clients in the United States and abroad. As a Pinterest VA, you have the opportunity to work with brands, bloggers or businesses all over the world!*

In addition, you can also choose your own schedule. Because Pinterest isn’t a social media site, there is no pressure to quickly respond to Facebook alerts or Twitter messages. This allows you to work at a time that is convenient for you!

*If you’re looking to work with US-based clients, you’ll typically need an excellent command of the English language – both verbally and in written communication.


Other students have started from a similar place in their journey and the course has helped them to level-up their PVA biz. We’ve also heard that they’ve learned to think of their clients, businesses and potential opportunities in a completely new way!

Maybe you’ll learn to offer new Pinterest-related services. Or maybe you’ll reconfigure the ones you’re already offering.

If you want to grow your clientele and you’re not getting results with what you’re currently doing, it probably makes sense to try something different – don’t you think?

Don’t think of Pinterest as a social media platform!

It’s more of a search engine that displays specific search results. It’s where people go to shop!

This makes Pinterest really unique compared to platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

For this reason alone, businesses are specifically seeking out VAs who specialize in Pinterest. This course will definitely give you an edge over general social media VAs!

Once you enroll in the program, you have unlimited access to the course 24/7! You can go at your own pace – whether it’s an hour per day or a few hours over the weekend.

Even if you don’t have time to start the program right this second, you can purchase the program now and access it when you’re ready! You’ll also gain access to any program updates for FREE down the road!

Completing the program will depend on your schedule – most students are able to complete the program within a month!

You do NOT need to have a blog in order to become a Pinterest VA.

While we do recommend having an online space for your new business, a blog is not required.

Inside the program, we review all the ways to advertise your business without having to be a blogger. There are free and paid options available!

Based on the services you decide to offer (there are 9 of them!), you can earn your investment back with your very first client.

That doesn’t include the recurring revenue you can earn as their ongoing account manager. Over the course of the year, that adds up to THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!

From just one ongoing relationship.

Working just a few hours per week from your home, your local coffee shop or the Bahamas if you want!

Even better? The course includes an entire module breaking down the individual service offerings and how much to charge based on your client’s wants and needs.

No brainer, right?!?

If you’re struggling financially, it might not be the right time to start a new business.

Since student success is so important to us, we’d rather you work things out, set some money aside each month and join us down the road when you’re really ready.

There will be additional opportunities to enroll in the future.

Starting a new business takes some financial resources.

But starting a PVA biz takes a lot less than your traditional brick-and-mortar store! Your investment is also far less than going back to school and getting a college degree.

In addition to enrolling in the program (provided you don’t want to figure things all out on your own), here are a few other tools you’ll need, including any expenses you might incur:

  • Canva – FREE ($10/m if you decide to upgrade to Canva Pro)
  • Tailwind – FREE for 60 days ($15/m thereafter)
  • Invoicing software – FREE (~$10/m for most paid options, which include extra features like bookkeeping)

Concerned about extra costs? Don’t be!

You can get started with the free options and roll any paid versions into the fees you charge clients! We cover how to do this inside of the program.

Investing in an online program takes more than just money, however.

It takes time to learn the material and put it into practice. It takes persistence and faith when things aren’t happening as quickly as you’d like. It takes a positive attitude and stick-with-it-ness to persevere through challenges and realize opportunity.

You got this though! And we’re here to help!

Because of immediate digital access to the program, we do not offer refunds.

We put a lot of time, energy and investment into this program, which has in turn helped thousands of students and alumni complete this program.

If you are here to just ‘check things out’, this program is not for you. We have built a strong relationship with not only our thousands of students and alumni but our hundreds of client leads as well over the years.

There is no reason you can’t find success if you go through the program and do the work. With lifetime access for the life of the program and access to the Pinterest Post Community to ask all your questions  – you got this! 

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at support

Everyone's hiring our PVAs... we'll help you get hired too!

Meet Victoria

While on maternity leave, Victoria decided that she didn’t want to return to her day job.

 Instead, she wanted to find something she could do from home while raising her new baby!

Victoria started the PVA program and immediately started to land clients – all while on maternity leave!

In January of 2019, Victoria returned to her day job and reduced her hours to part-time as her Pinterest VA business was growing so quickly.

As of April 2019, Victoria quit her day job as an ultrasound technician to become a SAHM and run her full-time Pinterest VA biz! Women truly can do it all… 😉

Who's teaching this program?

Glad you asked - Hi, I'm Kristin!

Kristin Larsen is the go-to Pinterest person, speaking at and conducting in-person workshops at conferences and groups across the United States. She is also a Tailwind ambassador, an official Pinterest partner.

Founder of and creator of Pinterest Presence and Side Hustle to Success, her courses have helped THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs learn how to side hustle, launch a blog or business and master Pinterest.

In 2015 – as a new freelancer – Kristin launched a successful Pinterest management company that has helped hundreds of online business owners and brick-and-mortar shops experience explosive growth on Pinterest.

Within her first six months and in addition to her full time job, Kristin averaged $3,600 a month from her role as a Pinterest manager and blogger – just as a side hustle.

Today, she’s helped thousands of go-getters become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant!

Meet Heidi

Heidi decided to become a Pinterest virtual assistant to earn extra income. 

Within a few weeks, she landed her first client. 

This gave her the confidence to land MORE clients and grow her Pinterest VA business!

Pinterest is currently one of the HOTTEST platforms around!

Bloggers and business owners alike are looking for help growing their Pinterest presence – and they need a savvy virtual assistant JUST LIKE YOU to help them succeed.

So, what are you waiting for?