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Pinterest Virtual Assistant Services You Can Offer

Pinterest virtual assistant services are in hot demand! You are in the right place to learn about Pinterest virtual assistant services you can offer to clients. 

Why? Because nearly nine out of ten of users are on Pinterest for purchase inspiration… and with a stat like that, it’s crucial for businesses to have a presence on the platform.

But the truth is most businesses, especially small businesses, simply don’t have time to be on yet another platform in addition to all of the other daily tasks involved with keeping their business up-and-running.

That’s where you come in.

If you choose to become a Pinterest VA, you’ll have the opportunity to help businesses, bloggers and brands from all over the world establish and optimize their Pinterest presence.

Which, in turn, should help them gain more eyes on their brand and make more sales.

It’s a win for you and it’s a win for them!

Pinterest Virtual Assistant Services You Can Offer

In this post, we’re going to review eight in-demand Pinterest virtual assistant services you can offer:

  • Pinterest Account Setup
  • Tailwind Account Setup
  • Account Audit
  • Pin Design
  • Monthly Management
  • Coaching
  • Promoted Pins Management
  • VIP Day/Intensives

After we go over these services, we’ll talk about how to decide which Pinterest virtual assistant services you should offer (sneak preview: it’s not all of them) and how to price your services.

Let’s get started with Pinterest Account Setup…

Pinterest Account Setup

What does every client who wants to promote their business on Pinterest need?

A Pinterest account, of course!

For businesses that have not yet established a presence on Pinterest, having access to a Pinterest account setup service is like music to their ears.

Some clients you work with have been so busy working on so many other parts of their business that setting up their Pinterest account is one of the last things they want to spend time doing.

In fact, as a Pinterest VA, you’ll often hear these words:

‘I know I definitely need to be on Pinterest, but…[insert reason why they don’t have the time/energy/motivation to do it themselves].’

Knowing that they can hire someone to not just set up their Pinterest account, but to set it up the correct way, is a huge relief.

Pinterest account setup is a high-value service, which means it’s also a high-dollar service for you.

Most clients understand that getting set up on a platform will require an initial investment.

A Pinterest account setup (often combined with a Tailwind account setup) is one of the best ways to earn a solid amount of income upfront.

Tailwind Account Setup

Another service to offer is Tailwind account setup.

Tailwind is a pin scheduling program, an official Pinterest partner and a huge time-saver for you as a Pinterest virtual assistant.

By using Tailwind, you can import and schedule pins as far in advance as you would like.

This means, if you have the pin images/videos and descriptions ready to go, you can sit down and schedule all of your image pins and video pins for weeks, or even months, in advance!

Much like Pinterest account setup, getting set up in the Tailwind program is a high-value and high-dollar service.

The vast majority of clients you work with will need this service, so it’s another great way to boost your initial income earned from a client.

Account Audit

While some clients you work with will come to you with no Pinterest presence, some will already have a Pinterest profile.

Here are a few reasons why a client may come to you with an existing Pinterest profile:

  • They tried to go it alone on the platform and it didn’t work, so they’re seeking help to fix any issues they may have created.
  • They worked with another Pinterest VA and things didn’t work out, so they’re seeking help to fix any issues the old Pinterest VA may have created. (We teach our students the best and most updated Pinterest skills, so these Pinterest VAs may have been self-taught or took an inferior course.)
  • They tried to go it alone or they worked with another Pinterest VA and things did work out, but they just need someone new to take the reins.

In addition to already having a Pinterest profile, they may already have a Tailwind account too.

Rarely will you come across a new client with an amazing existing Pinterest profile. Quite honestly, it’s usually a mess!

That’s where an account audit comes in.

You can decide how you want to set up your account audits, but you will audit one, some or all of these:

  • Pinterest account
  • Tailwind account
  • Pin design
  • SEO (search engine optimization, mainly focusing on the keywords used to be discovered in Pinterest, which is a visual search engine)
  • Promoted pins (if the client has been advertising on Pinterest)

Once you have completed your audit, you can present the information in:

  • A document, like a PDF; or
  • A video call, possibly combined with a presentation

You can also choose whether or not you want to implement the recommended changes yourself or have your client implement them.

As with setup services, an account audit is a great way to earn income at the beginning of your working relationship with a new client.

Pin Design

In 2020, Pinterest introduced the idea of ‘fresh pins,’ which refers to new pin designs for old posts.

Instead of recirculating the same pin design on the platform for months, or even years, on end, Pinterest asked content creators to design fresh pins so that Pinterest users could be exposed to old content in a new way.

This new direction has been a boon for Pinterest virtual assistants!

Businesses on Pinterest now need to feed the platform a steady flow of fresh pins in order for Pinterest to continue to distribute their content on the platform, so Pinterest VAs have more work to do than ever before.

Prior to 2021, most pins designed for the platform were image pins. That is, a single image (often with text).

In 2021, Pinterest announced that they would be prioritizing the distribution of video pins and Idea Pins.

Video pins are (as you might guess!) videos that link back to whatever link is provided.

Idea Pins are multi-page pins of photos and/or videos that link back to the creator’s Pinterest profile.

As a Pinterest virtual assistant, your pin design services will likely include the three big pin types:

Image pins

These are the typical static image pins that most people think of when they think of Pinterest.

They’re often a combination of a photo or two and text, although some image pins contain no text at all. Image pins can link directly to a website link.

Video pins

As video has become more popular online over the last few years, more video pins have popped up on Pinterest.

While there are many types of video pins on Pinterest, how-to videos are some of the most popular (which makes sense because most people go to Pinterest to learn how to do something!).

Video pins can link directly to a website link.

Idea Pins

Idea Pins are brand new to Pinterest in 2021, although they made their debut in 2020 under their original name, ‘Story Pins.’

Idea Pins are up to 20 pages of images and/or videos and are meant to tell a story or share an idea from beginning to end.

Unlike image pins and video pins, Idea Pins can’t link directly to a website link, but the last slide directs users back to the creator’s Pinterest profile.

What you will design for any individual account is based on what you have deemed best for that specific account.

To design pins, we highly recommend Canva, preferably the Canva Pro plan (grab a free 30-day trial at that link!).

Monthly Management

Monthly management services involve the ongoing scheduling and management of a Pinterest account, usually in combination with Tailwind.

When managing an account, you will either focus on growth or maintenance.

Monthly Management: Growth

As you would expect, growth monthly management services mean that your goal is to grow the account’s metrics over time.

Being in growth mode doesn’t mean that the account will always grow, but simply that you’re taking actions that typically lead to the growth of an account (for example, designing and pinning  a lot of Idea Pins).

Growth monthly management services are best for clients who are new to the Pinterest platform or clients who want to put the pedal to the metal and really make an account the absolute best it can be.

Growing a Pinterest account can be an exciting and fun process!

Monthly Management: Maintenance

In contrast to growth monthly management services, maintenance monthly management services are designed simply to maintain (within reason) the account’s current stats.

As with growth mode, being in maintenance mode doesn’t mean that the account will always stay exactly the same.

Depending on seasonal search patterns and algorithm changes, the account may actually grow a little or decline a little while being in maintenance mode. That’s perfectly okay!

If an account has been in growth mode, it’s up to you and your client to decide when it’s time to put things into maintenance mode.

Perhaps you feel the account has reached its full potential or maybe it’s the off-season for an account’s content (e.g., blogs that focus on healthy eating traditionally don’t do very well in October, November and December). 


Coaching is another service to offer, especially to clients who want to go it alone on some or all of their Pinterest process.

Coaching can be done via:

  • Video calls, like Zoom
  • Voice messaging apps, like Voxer 
  • Email

Coaching may be:

  • A one-off service (e.g., a single 60-minute coaching Zoom call)
  • For a certain length of time (e.g., six months of Voxer support)
  • For a certain number of sessions (e.g., four Zoom calls)

The topic(s) of coaching is up to you and it may or may not be combined with other services. 

For example, one client may want to book a 60-minute Zoom call to discuss some ways they can better optimize their account.

Another client may want you to perform a Pinterest account setup and a Tailwind account setup and then meet with you for six 30-minute Zoom calls over the next six months to ensure that their pinning strategy is on track.

Promoted Pins Management

Promoted pins management involves the management of Pinterest advertising campaigns via promoted pins.

This is a very high-level, high-dollar service that can earn you a lot of money if you become an expert in it!

Some clients may want to supplement their organic Pinterest efforts with paid ads campaigns and some may want to simply bypass organic Pinterest altogether and go with paid ads.

On Pinterest, the following types of pin ads can be created:

Static, single image ads

These are the standard image-only pins you see on the Pinterest platform.

Collections ads

A collections ad is composed of four parts:

  • One large image or video that appears at the top of the ad, also known as a ‘hero’
  • Three smaller images or videos that appear below the hero, also known as ‘secondary creatives’

Once a user clicks into a collections ad, they can see the hero up close plus have access to up to 24 additional secondary creatives.

Carousel ads

A carousel ad is a pin with multiple images (called ‘cards’) that can be swiped through.

Video ads

Video ads can be created in two sizes:

  • Standard width, which is the same size as a regular pin
  • Max width, which spans the width of two columns on mobile

There are many options for ads on Pinterest, and if you choose to offer promoted pins management, you will work with your client to determine the best ad format(s) for their business and business objectives.

VIP Days

Offering a VIP Day is a service that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

If a client books a VIP Day with you, they become your (as you would expect by the name) VIP for the day.

This means that you are working exclusively on their business for the day, typically at least partly while in communication with them.

VIP Days are intense, high-output days. You definitely won’t be booking clients for VIP Days five days a week!

In fact, most Pinterest virtual assistants who offer VIP Days only offer a handful of spots per month.

The good news is that VIP Days are very lucrative – starting in the low four figures – so you don’t need to do a lot of them to generate a lot of income.

You can structure your VIP Days however you would like, but they’re usually a combination of:

  • A specific service or two (such as Pinterest account setup and designing a set of pin templates)
  • Mapping out a strategy for the future that the client can follow
  • Answering any questions the client may have

How to Determine Which Pinterest Virtual Assistant Services to Offer

Which Pinterest virtual assistant services should you offer?

As an aspiring Pinterest virtual assistant, you may be inclined to say ‘all of them!’

While there is nothing wrong with being a Jill (or Jack) of all trades, remember the second half of that common phrase: master of none.

While it may seem like a good idea to be able to say ‘yes, I do that’ to every Pinterest service requested of you, it’s not necessarily the best way to become the very best at the services you offer.

If you focus on offering just a handful of services rather than every single Pinterest virtual assistant service out there, you will make your business life easier and you will become the best at what you do.

So how do you know which services to focus on? There are a few ways to figure this out.

Match Services to Your Skill Level

Although everyone starts as a beginner Pinterest VA, everyone also starts their journey with a particular skill set, even if that skill set has never been applied to Pinterest management before.

For example, some Pinterest VAs have prior experience in graphic design, usually from a past job.

These Pinterest VAs often find that they excel at pin design because they’re already familiar with common design rules.

On the opposite end of that spectrum, maybe you had to do some graphic design for a previous job and you hated it. That’s okay!

You don’t have to design pins; you can purchase pin templates designed by an expert designer or outsource pin design to a Pinterest VA who enjoys it.

Match Services to Your Personality Traits

If you’re an analytical person, you may find yourself gravitating toward services like account audits.

If you’re a creative person, you may find yourself gravitating toward services like pin design.

If you’re a people person, you may find yourself gravitating toward services like coaching. 

… and so on.

Each Pinterest virtual assistant service appeals to different types of people, so don’t be afraid to choose the ones that appeal to your strongest traits.

Offer Every Service, Then Marie Kondo Your Services List

As a new Pinterest VA, I offered every service when I first started out. Even though I just told you that you shouldn’t offer every service, there is nothing wrong with doing this temporarily!

(Quick note: Not all of the services mentioned are ideal for beginners. You probably won’t start offering VIP Days from Day 1, but you can give them a try later.)

At the time, I was the only person out there offering Pinterest VA services, plus I was already doing every service for my blog, so I made the choice to offer everything for the first few months.

This gave me an opportunity to figure out what I really liked to do… and what I really didn’t like to do.

After some time, I sat down and ‘Marie Kondo’ed’ my services list.

If you somehow missed out on the Marie Kondo organizing revolution, the gist is this:

Look at every item you own and ask yourself: ‘Does this spark joy?’ If not, you donate or toss it.

The same can go for your Pinterest VA services. If providing a service doesn’t spark joy, then there is no need to continue offering it! You will be happier and your clients will be happier.

How to Price Your Pinterest Virtual Assistant Services 

In our Pinterest VA and Pinterest Manager programs, we go into the prices you should charge for each service based on our years of experience in the industry.

With so many Pinterest virtual assistant services you can offer, you can easily earn a part time or full time income. 

Although I can’t reveal exact pricing in this article, I will say this: don’t undercharge!

It can be tempting to undercut everyone’s prices with the mindset that you’ll gain lots of clients, which will make up for the lower billable rate.

It doesn’t work that way.

Sure, you might have a full client roster sooner than someone who charges more (although that’s not guaranteed), but you’ll burn out quickly because you will be required to take on so many clients to achieve your desired income.

It’s also unfair to your clients because when you inevitably burn out, raise your prices and trim your client roster, the clients who were used to your low prices will have an unreasonable expectation about how much they should pay.

It’s better all-around to charge reasonable prices from day 1.

That doesn’t mean you won’t raise your prices over time to match your skill level – you definitely will! – but you should earn a fair wage from the beginning. It’s better for you, your clients and the industry as a whole.

How to Get Started as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

I hope this article has helped you get excited about the possibilities as a Pinterest virtual assistant!

There are millions of businesses out there that need a Pinterest VA like you to help them with their Pinterest presence.