How To Start A Pinterest Virtual Assistant Business

In 2020 alone, more than 4 million new businesses were created. And, more and more people are starting their businesses, looking to become more well known on social media, and need help with their social presence. And that’s where you can come in with your Pinterest virtual assistant business. 

Pinterest is the only social media platform that works as both social media and search engine. This is why it’s so appealing to businesses. And the best part?

It’s still a growing platform, which means more businesses are being drawn to use it, and use it consistently. So how can you start a Pinterest virtual assistant business, and make money while working from home? Keep reading. 

What Is A Pinterest Virtual Assistant? 

First, what is a Pinterest virtual assistant?

Basically, a Pinterest virtual assistant helps business owners utilize Pinterest in their business in order to drive traffic to their website, make sales, and gain followers. 

In other words, as a Pinterest virtual assistant, you would be the go to Pinterest expert for your clients, and will help them manage and grow their business accounts on Pinterest. 

A Pinterest virtual assistant goes by many names, including Pinterest Manager and Pinterest Strategy Consultant.

But the gist is that you will help business owners, entrepreneurs, online content creators, and even companies, utilize Pinterest to increase conversions and sales. 

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Pinterest Virtual Assistant Business? 

You don’t need much to start a Pinterest virtual assistant business. In fact, you really just need an email and a simple website (with a way to contact you, a portfolio page, and a “hire me” page. More on that later!). 

But, if you want to take things further, you can invest more. You could purchase business cards, pay for conferences and networking events to get in front of ideal clients, or invest in a course to learn and grow the skills you want to have in your business. 

Starting this business can be as “cheap” or “expensive” as you make it. Many people have started their virtual assistant business without spending much money.

The key is to be willing to put in the work and consistency that is required for new business owners. 

Do I Need Any Special Skills To Start A Pinterest Virtual Assistant Business?

While you don’t need too many special skills, you will need to have knowledge on how Pinterest works and operates. You’ll also need to know how to grow an account, perform audits, or even run Pinterest ads (if that’s a service you plan to offer). 

The great thing about Pinterest is that it’s completely free to use. So you can create your own business account and start working on growing your Pinterest, before you offer your expertise and services to potential clients.

That way, you know what it takes to grow a Pinterest account. And, you’ll be able to use your own account as part of your portfolio! 

Of course, you’ll also need the usual skills that most small businesses need. You’ll need to know how to invoice, be organized, learn how to pitch, and be able to keep up with social media.

All of these skills can be learned while you’re starting your business, but they do come in handy if you have them already. 

How Much Money Can You Make As A Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

You can make as little or as much as you want in your business. Really, the sky’s the limit. If you only want to work with a handful of clients, or if you need to work part-time while you work your full-time job, you can still make $500 – $1,000 extra each month. 

However, if you want to work in your Pinterest business full-time, you can easily scale it to $5,000 or more each month. This would require more clients and more time working on the services you offer, but it can be done. 

And, if you decide to scale from services to services and products, consulting or coaching, or any other additional revenue stream, you could make more than $10,000 a month. Of course, this will take time and effort, and won’t happen right away, but it’s possible to do. 

Business Foundations

Now that you’ve decided to start your Pinterest virtual assistant business, there are a few things to keep in mind. Your business foundations are important to have, because they are what keep you in business. Here’s what you’ll need to do before landing that first client. 

Know The Laws

As an online business owner, you’ll need to make sure you’re following the law. Does your state require you to register your business? Will you need to pay quarterly taxes? Should you register for an LLC? 

These are all questions that you can ask your Secretary of State’s office. Give them a call (or shoot them an email) for more information. 

Have An Income Goal 

While the legal part of starting a business can be scary and long, it is essential to help you start off your business on the right foot. While you’re getting the legal items in order, you should also be thinking about how much money you want to make in your business. 

Having an income goal while help you hone in on how much to charge, how much you’ll need to work to make your goal, and more. 

For example, if you want to make $500 a month, and plan on charging for the hours you work, and only want to work 5 hours a week (so 20 hours a month), you’d need to charge $25 an hour.

Or, if you want to charge a “package” rate (ie. a client pays a set fee each month for a service), and you charged $250 per package, you’d need 2 clients a month. 

Of course, your pricing will change as you gain more experience and become an expert in all things Pinterest, but having an income goal is a great way to get started on what you want to earn, and it gives you something to work towards. 

Decide On Your Services 

Next, you’ll need to decide on what you want to offer as a Pinterest VA. While there are many different services that you can offer, here are a few that are popular and easy to start (even if you’re a newbie); 

SEO Services 

Pinterest isn’t just a social media platform. It’s also a search engine. Because of this, SEO (also known as search engine optimization) is so important.

If you can learn the basics of SEO, and help potential clients get more traffic and views/clicks to their website, you can easily make money with this service. 

Pin Design 

Are you a graphic designer? Can you make images eye-catching and Pinterest worthy? Since Pinterest is such a visual heavy platform, it’s important for businesses to have pins that are beautiful, pleasing to the eye, and that entice people to click.

If you want to design pins for clients, you can charge for individual pins, templates, or a monthly fee for as many as you can handle. 

Tailwind Scheduling

If you like scrolling on Pinterest and pinning “all of the things” you can do this and get paid. Many businesses pay for Pinterest VAs to pin their content to relevant boards, so that they can get traffic to their website. 

A great way to do this (to save you time) is through Tailwind, a Pinterest marketing tool. You can schedule pins for days or weeks at a time, which will keep fresh content going to Pinterest, and will help you analyze data that can help your clients grow their business. 

While there are many other services that you can offer, these services can get you started in your Pinterest virtual assistant business. 

Have A “Hire Me” Page

No one will know what you’re offering if you don’t have a way for them to contact and hire you. You can set up a “Hire Me” page on your website, and include a contact form or your email so people can reach out to you easily. 

Want to take it a step further? Include your services, your rates (aka how much you charge), and your portfolio if you have one.

You can also include a way to book a discovery call with you, so you can get your potential client on the phone and sell your services. 

Decide On Your Niche

Did you know that there are many types of clients that you can work with as a Pinterest VA? Of course, you could work with anyone who asks for help, but if you wanted to, you could also niche your services. 

Here are just a few different niches that you could work with; 

  • Book and Magazine publications 
  • Etsy shops 
  • Fitness influencers 
  • Fashion influencers 
  • Local city businesses (like restaurants, museums, and more)
  • Personal finance websites 
  • Contractors/vendors 
  • & so much more! 

Find New Clients 

Now that you got the legal stuff out of the way, know how much money you want to make, and have yourself and your services ready, now is the time to find clients for your business! 

There are plenty of ways to do this. You can utilize social media (like Pinterest or Instagram) to talk about your services and how you can help.

You can also drive traffic to your own website and portfolio. And, you can also cold pitch or reach out to your network to see if people around you need help! 

No matter what, there are so many different ways to find new clients. This may mean that you have a lower rate while you get started, or exchange your services for a testimonial or case study. But, it’s important to show potential clients that what you offer is valuable. 

Remember, you can also use your own Pinterest account as an example if you’ve been able to grow it and if you use it for your own business.

Just keep in mind that you’ll have to show proof to potential clients if they ask to see how you grew your own. 

Become A Pinterest VA Today!

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This in itself can pay for the course, plus you’re more likely to get your first client within just a few weeks of running your business! 

And, Become A Pinterest VA Today! also comes with a Facebook community that offers tips and helpful advice on topics like pitching, pricing, working with clients, and more. 

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Starting A Pinterest Virtual Assistant Business Is Possible! 

So, can you start a Pinterest virtual assistant business? Absolutely! And, it’s easier than ever before.

Plus, with the growing amount of businesses both online and off, you can find clients from just about any niche, and start growing their Pinterest accounts (while getting paid to do it). 

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