Hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant or Pinterest Manager

So you’re looking for an awesome Pinterest Virtual Assistant or Pinterest Manager, huh? 

Whether you’re a blogger looking for increased page views or an online shop looking for more leads (or any kind of business in between), you’ve come to the right place! 

We’ve trained hundreds of students to help businesses just like yours increase their presence on Pinterest, and we can connect you with some of our qualified students who are ready to work with you!

Here’s how the process works: 

  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. We’ll send your answers to our highly qualified pool of applicants who will then contact you directly to apply.
  3. You interview the cream of the crop and hire the best fit.

Best of all? This service is at no cost to you! 

Q&A about Hiring a Pinterest Virtual Assistant or Pinterest Manager

Here are the answers to a few common questions you may have: 

What’s the difference between a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and a Pinterest Manager?

Sometimes the terms are used interchangeably, but a Pinterest Manager will typically offer higher-level services (at an increased cost). 

How can hiring a Pinterest Virtual Assistant or Pinterest Manager help my business?

While it’s different for every business, establishing and maintaining a presence on Pinterest often leads to increased traffic and brand awareness, which can help increase leads, sales, and revenue.

Can a Pinterest Virtual Assistant or Pinterest Manager guarantee a level of growth? I want to see my traffic double in the first four weeks!

While any good Pinterest Virtual Assistant or Pinterest Manager will do their best to increase traffic and other numbers (e.g., followers), Pinterest is a long game. It takes time to grow an account, and average monthly traffic growth is usually in the low single digits. (That may seem small, but it really adds up over time!) 

Okay, I’m ready! Where is the form?

You can find it below. Thanks!


Hire a Pinterest virtual assistant for your blog or business. If you want to grow your Pinterest account, a Pinterest VA can help you increase traffic, income and revenue, and email opt-ins. Click here to learn more!