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I was so happy to find PinterestVA, which enabled me to connect with a network of people who understood my needs. I filled in the form and in the next few days I had 7 applications, interviewed 3 people and had found the perfect Pinterest VA for my business. Thanks Kristin for helping me connect for free with trained Pinterest virtual assistants who clearly know what they are doing! 

Samantha Bellerose

Creative Director, Dance Parent 101

I am absolutely thrilled to have found a Pinterest Manager who's not only a hard worker, but also well-educated on the Pinterest platform. As a blogger who's hired multiple Pinterest specialists over the years (none from Kristin though!), I can sadly tell you this isn't always the case. 😥 I hired the best fit and she got to work immediately. Traffic to my site from Pinterest more than DOUBLED in our first month working together – a true testament to this program.

Allison Lindstrom


Thank you Kristin and PVA team for the support provided to find a suitable Pinterest VA. Of the seven replies we had to our request, we chose our Pinterest VA based on her energy, vibe, professional approach and knowledge across all aspects of Pinterest.

Kirk Harrison

Glenys Creative

We had a great pool of Pinterest VAs to choose from and I think we found the one that best meets our needs. It was amazing to see all the variety and even in interviewing a few different ones, it was interesting to see the different styles they each had in working with clients. So happy to have the variety to choose from. Thank you so much! 

Lisa Edwards

 Champion Your Parenting

I've hired two Pinterest VAs from Kristin. Both times the hiring process was easy and both of my Pinterest VAs have been invaluable in driving traffic to my site and the resulting growth in page views and revenue. Handing the Pinterest-related tasks over to them freed up my time and energy to focus on creating content. I just wish I'd done it sooner!

Jenifer Smith

Our Adventuring Family

I hired one of Kristin's Pinterest VAs – she took two weeks to audit my accounts and rearrange where I was screwing up in Tailwind. We’re into the second month of working together and focusing on increasing traffic back to my site, which is my ultimate goal!

Hank Coleman

Money Q&A


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Pinterest Virtual Assistants range from specialists who have just completed our comprehensive training program to those with intermediate client experience.

General price range for monthly management: $250-$550/month

Best for: Small businesses who need a budget-friendly option and are open to working with newer specialists

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

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Pinterest Manager

Pinterest Managers are specialists with advanced client experience.

Best for: Medium to large businesses with a mid-range budget looking for a seasoned Pinterest pro

General price range for monthly management: $500-$1,000+

Pinterest Expert

Pinterest Experts are specialists with advanced client experience and advanced training.

General price range for monthly management: $750-$1,000+

Best for: Medium to large businesses with a high-end budget looking for a seasoned Pinterest pro

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As this does take time and resources on our end, we ask that you simply share feedback or a testimonial with us so we can keep this process free and continue to matchmake clients and Pinterest specialists. 

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        How to work with $1,000 Clients

        NEW Workshop:
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