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How to Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and Land Your First Client

Pinterest VAs Have All Different Backgrounds

Introvert or extrovert? Left brain or right brain? Wondering how to apply your existing skills, or if you have any skills at all? Good news – you DO have existing skills and I’ll show you exactly how to apply your personality towards different Pinterest VA services. It’s a win-win for you and your clients.

Pinterest VA Careers Are H-O-T

What you need to get started & why it’s one of the BEST remote and online jobs in the world.

9 Services to Offer and How Much to Charge

With something for everyone, we’ll cover various examples on what to expect as a business owner generating new online income. Oh, and I’ll show you the biggest pay-gap mistake I see over and over again – it’s mind blowing this happens and don’t let it happen to you!

How and Where to Land Your First Client

Don’t stress landing your 1st client – I’ve got you covered with my three favorite types of clients. Shhh…I’ll also tell you what kind of clients NOT to work with.

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