Victoria Gained 10+ Pinterest VA Retainer Clients

As a new Pinterest VA, landing that first client can be monumental.

From there, you can add more clients and build a business doing something that you enjoy and pays the bills. Victoria took Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! back in 2018 and has landed 10 recurring clients since then! 

Victoria wanted to find a way to increase her income by working from home so she could still be with her daughters. 

“Since I already loved using Pinterest and I had such great success promoting my own blog with it, I figured why not learn more about it and create a business!” Victoria added. “I didn’t have many reservations after reading all of the testimonials from previous students and hearing about their success. I had already been following Kristin and her blog beforehand, so it was an easy match.”

Learning the Skills to Succeed

Pinterest VAs offer such a valuable skill set to their clients who are often looking for more repins, better graphics, clicks back to their website and even product sales.

Victoria credits the program for helping her master these skills to not only diversify her service offerings but also stabilize her business income.

“Through the program, I learned about crucial things like how to make better pin images. I also appreciated learning about all the different services I could offer clients (there’s more than you’d think!). I felt like with such a variety of services, I wouldn’t get bored with my business and I would have the opportunity to find out which specific services I truly enjoy offering.”

Building a Solid Roster of Clients

Nothing boosts confidence as much as landing that first client. Victoria knew she could do it and that her initial client was just the beginning. 

“I started the program in the spring of 2018, but didn’t have time to start implementing everything and wasn’t ready for clients until the summer of 2018,” Victoria says.

Victoria found her first few clients via Facebook groups. This is a great place to start making connections with other people who may need a Pinterest VA.

Kristin’s student-only community is also one of the best places to find leads regardless of your experience level!

“Once I started working with my new clients, I began pitching a few fellow bloggers and was able to work with them as well,” Victoria added. “I built my portfolio and received a few testimonials and then it really started taking off!”

Testimonials are a great way to land more clients and it’s easy to get them. As soon as you start working with someone, give them a 30-day review and ask for feedback. You can also provide one-off Pinterest services or work with a client in exchange for a case study afterward.

Issues With Pitching in the Beginning

Victoria shared with us that she wasn’t the best at pitching for client work during the early stages of launching her business – that is, pitching and securing her dream clients. 

Still, the more you learn about pitching and the more you practice, the better you’ll get overtime (it’s a huge component of the program!). It helps to learn from other people’s mistakes and take advice from experts like Kristin who have years of experience in this area.

“Learning the technical side of Pinterest and the actual VA tasks and services was the easy part for me. The program really helped me develop a stronger ‘Hire Me’ page on my site and it also taught me how to pitch clients – because I was doing it all WRONG.”

Victoria admits that she was undercharging – as most virtual assistants do. She started offering extremely discounted prices in the hopes of getting a client. Once she got the client, it was tough to determine how to ask for a higher rate. 

“With the help of Become a Pinterest VA TODAY!, I learned more about the business aspect of doing this work including pricing, pitching, following up with clients and providing reports and analytics to measure growth.”

On Facing Your Fears…

Now that Victoria has been working as a Pinterest VA for a while, she wanted to offer some advice to anyone who’s been on the fence. Her advice is pretty spot-on for anyone who’s ever had big dreams but experienced fear and discouragement.

“If you have any interest in doing this too, invest in yourself. Invest in your business and see how far it can take you. I had dreams that this would become a reality, but I feared they would only be dreams. With that, I learned from the program and from Kristin is, if you put in the hard work, it will all pay off. Make the jump and pursue your dreams.”

Victoria Gained 10+ Pinterest VA Retainer Clients