Tara Leveled Up Her Online Business in Just 2 Weeks!

Looking to diversify your skillset and your income? Becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant can provide the perfect opportunity to help you supplement your current day job income or establish a new full-time business.

Tara, one of our Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! students has been an online business owner for 12 years – she proves it’s never too late to learn a new skill and profit from it! She was already offering freelance graphic design and SEO services but wanted to establish a new skill set as a Pinterest VA.

To her surprise, Tara ended up landing 2 clients within the first 2 weeks of starting and finishing our program. We couldn’t wait to interview Tara and share more about how she used this program to add Pinterest VA services so quickly.

When All the Research Pans Out

Tara wanted to up her Pinterest game and make sure she had all the tools and resources needed to be able to offer Pinterest VA services to clients. She knew an online program would be the perfect tool to help her develop the skills she needed and set up her business correctly.

Still, she didn’t jump on board with Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! right away and that’s completely understandable. It’s important to research and explore your options entirely before making such a big and life-changing decision.

“I did do a lot of research before signing up for the program,” Tara said. “After reading so many positive reviews from others, I became ready to enroll and it was the best decision I could have made.”

Technical Training Made Easy

Becoming a Pinterest VA does require some technical knowledge (but so does any work from home job!). Luckily, learning the technical side this business doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck and it can also set you apart from other Pinterest VAs.

Tara really found the technical training sections of the program to be helpful as it showed her how to do everything from designing a pin to checking a client’s analytics on their Pinterest profile.

“I’m a very technical person and reading all the information on Pinterest Analytics, Tailwind, Pinterest and pin design was super helpful,” Tara added. “I also really loved the real-world examples and case studies that were provided as they helped me learn Pinterest best practices.”

Getting on the Fast Track to Success

We’re always interested to know how long it takes students to get through the material.

It’s self-paced and very streamlined, so you can take as little time or as long as you want to complete it.

If that means only working on lessons during a few evenings or on the weekends because that’s the only free time you have available – so be it.

However, the students that get on what we call the ‘fast track to success’ tend to finish the program in a matter of weeks. Some, like Tara, finish in as little as 30 days.

While you should definitely take your time and make sure you’re understanding the material and completing the action steps, the sooner you get through the course, the sooner you can get going and get paid.

Tara ended up enrolling in Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! in the spring of 2019 and landed her first two clients within the first 2 weeks.

“I found my first two Pinterest VA clients from pitching to leads that were posted in the private Facebook community,” Tara said.  “I dove into the course and finished it quite quickly. I’ve gone back to re-read certain modules but I felt ready to start after my first run-through of the wealth of information contained in the program.”

Tara began by pitching to the leads that were posted in the program’s corresponding Pinterest Post Community. She made sure to reach out to potential clients that seemed like a good fit and niche market for her to get into.

Avoiding Common Rookie Mistakes

Tara admits she probably would have made a ton of rookie mistakes along the way without the proper guidance and instruction. We all make mistakes when learning something new, but mistakes become fewer and farther between when you have a proven plan to follow.

“I definitely would have made mistakes such as charging too little for my services,” Tara said. “Since I began the program prior to taking on any new Pinterest clients, I felt prepared and confident in my pricing, services, processes, and knowledge.”

Advice For Anyone on the Fence

If you’re still on the fence about the idea of becoming a Pinterest VA, Tara shared some great words of advice to encourage you along the way. Her story itself is inspiring – I’m sure anyone wouldn’t mind earning an extra $6,000 per month from the comfort of their own home!

“Enroll in the program and dive in! There is a wealth of information so it can be overwhelming. But, you don’t have to finish the material as quickly as I did. Do a module each week if that’s all you have time for and make sure you really understand it before moving on to the next one.

Within no time, you’ll be prepared to tackle the Pinterest VA world and find major success. It’s absolutely possible if you have the time and passion for it…you WILL find success.

Having a determined and positive mindset is half of the battle when finding success and working with clients in a virtual role. If you have that down, nothing can stop you!”

Tara Leveled Up Her Online Business in Just 2 Weeks!