Suzie Added 3 Dream Pinterest VA Clients in 1 Week

Suzie is a mom who sought out Pinterest VA work so she could earn money doing something she enjoys while still being home with her kids.

She blogs over at about her faith, health and wellness, paying off debt and more.

We are super excited to share Suzie’s success story with you seeing that she landed 3 dream Pinterest VA clients within a few weeks of completing the Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! program.

Let’s talk about how she did it.

Deciding to Take The Plunge and Become a Pinterest VA

This is seriously where all the magic happens – it all starts with an initial idea that you can create a rewarding and profitable career as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

We all have our reasons for wanting to break into this booming, in-demand field.

Suzie says she decided to sign up for the course when she was pregnant with her second child. She wanted to still be able to help support her family financially, but without having to leave home and be away for her kids.

Becoming a Pinterest VA sounds like the perfect opportunity for her at the time, so she took the plunge and invested in Become a Pinterest VA TODAY!

“I was hesitant because I felt like I was spending a lot of money upfront and we were super tight financially,” Suzie shared. “Still, I was determined to find some way to make money working from home.”

It took her two months to complete the course and land her first paying client. Now, she’s booked to her capacity as a part-time Pinterest VA and has surpassed her initial monthly income goal.

Suzie loves the fact that she can set her own work schedule and avoid work that involves a lot of phone and video conversations, which she doesn’t really enjoy.


Getting on the Fast Track to Success

Suzie credits Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! in helping her learn the ins and outs of this business so she could provide a quality service and land her ideal clients quickly.

“My favorite part of the course is how thorough and detailed it is,” Suzie said during our interview. “Every aspect from setting up my Hire Me page to which services to offer and how much to charge was covered, which really boosted my confidence.”

“The video tutorials during the lessons were very beneficial and I’m grateful to have learned things like how to get set up and what to charge. The templates are also priceless.”

Landing 3 Dream Clients All At Once

Suzie currently has four clients and landed them all from leads found in our member’s only, Pinterest Post Community.

She started practicing her Pinterest VA services on her own blog to build a case study she could reference, which is something we highly recommend if you’re just starting out.

After two months of growing her own blog with Pinterest, she landed her first official client.

“Then in one week, I landed not 1 but 3 dream clients,” Suzie shared with us in her excitement. “I went from managing 1 to 4 accounts, plus my own. Talk about learning time management! It’s so amazing because I can work late in the evening or early in the morning when the house is quiet.”

Even though Suzie didn’t have a ton of experience in the beginning, she focused on crafting a quality pitch to land amazing client opportunities.

“One of the niches I really wanted to try out was food,” she shared. “With no experience in this niche, my client hired me because she loved my pitch! She has a pretty large account and takes incredible photography, so she has definitely been a dream client!”

Suzie provides full-service Pinterest VA packages – she helps clients set up their accounts, create images, schedule pins and more. Her favorite task is pin graphic design and helping clients create their own unique branding.

She also enjoys testing which pins perform best and contain eye-catching graphics that result in more clicks for her client’s content.

Advice For Others

Starting a whole new venture can be overwhelming and even slightly scary. This is why we asked Suzie to provide her best advice for anyone thinking of becoming a Pinterest VA.

Since she recently went through the process of learning how to set up a Pinterest business and get clients, we knew she’d have some awesome and practical advice to share.

“For new and current students of Become a Pinterest VA TODAY!, I’d recommend reading through the course entirely, then going back and implementing what you’ve learned,” Suzie said. “The first time through can seem overwhelming as you are soaking in a lot of new information, but reading through will help you absorb it. Plus, you’ll learn more as you go over lessons again to take action and get a lot of your questions answered.”

Suzie also recommends that you do your part to get the word out about what you’re doing. Most people are pretty fascinated by what Pinterest VAs do and how much they can make. Bonus, they probably need your help too!

“I’ve been sharing with friends what I do and they’re shocked. I have also been exchanging services with other businesses to help my family and get us discounts on services we already use by managing the business’ Pinterest account instead.”

Suzie is confident that students can supplement their income and even possibly replace the income from their main job with a Pinterest VA business.

It’s amazing to see how she was able to make some serious changes to her career, income, and lifestyle in just a few months by becoming a Pinterest VA.

Where could you be in the next two months if you took the leap and got started? What would your dream client look like?

You’ll never know until you try!

One Year Later… [update]

Suzie’s even more excited a year into her new career as a Pinterest VA. “I’m so passionate about Pinterest management, it’s been amazing!” she says.

“I currently have 5 clients, plus single projects here and there, like guest posts, pin design, or consultations. Two of my clients have been long term.”

Potential clients won’t always answer your pitch on the first send, however. “Another fun story is a year after I sent out a pitch, a client reached out to me for hire. She too was one of my DREAM clients!”

The best part? Suzie still enjoys what she’s doing! “I’ve come to find I really enjoy the strategy behind Pinterest marketing. Every account is different and I love the challenge of helping Pinterest identify and classify my client’s brand properly to reach their target audience.”

She adds, “Now I’m in a position where I can really choose what clients I pitch to or projects I take on. I’ve even increased my rates with the experience – and since I’m limited working only part-time – I still get interest!”

And her income backs it up: “I make about $2,000/month working roughly 45-50 hrs/month.”

Remember her bartering skills? Suzie shares a specific example: “I’ve even traded services for chiropractic care – our family gets adjusted in exchange for Pinterest management.”

Learn how Suzie started a side hustle as a Pinterest virtual assistant and landed clients thanks to Become a Pinterest VA TODAY!.

Suzie Added 3 Dream Pinterest VA Clients in 1 Week