Let's ditch the stress of bootcamps and unrealistic challenges and focus on what's realistic - setting aside a few moments per week to learn a new, valuable skill, all while moving towards the goal of financial freedom.

Pinterest VA Pre-Party


LEt's do this, I'm in!

Let's ditch the stress of bootcamps and unrealistic challenges.

  I'm here to share how you can set aside a few moments per week to learn a new, valuable skill that will put you on the path towards financial freedom.

Grab a drink - sparkling water with lime is my fave -  and join me at our pre-party!

I'll be sharing what it's like to be a Pinterest virtual assistant, along with tips you can use immediately to start your business.

Enhance your lifestyle once and for all with my stress-free approach towards a Pinterest VA career.

1 service you can offer to clients, all while practicing on your own Pinterest account first

What You'll Learn and Implement

What steps you need to establish your Pinterest VA business and brand

How to create a business plan that is based on your monthly financial goals and time availability

You want to start a side hustle or business you can do from anywhere, at a time that's good for you

Why You're Here

You want control of your financial future, especially in uncertain times

You want to work less and make more (don't we all!), but have no idea how to make this really happen

After the pre-party wraps, you'll feel confident pursuing a Pinterest VA career with unlimited earning potential!


$3.5 Million

Client lead revenue through our community


Happy dances done to celebrate your success


Countries with alumni
Happy students

Hi, I'm Kristin Larsen! 

After pioneering the phrase 'Pinterest VA' in 2015, I quickly landed client after client who
wanted to pay me to help grow their Pinterest presence.

Within six months, I was making $3,600 per month with my Pinterest VA skills in my
spare time and while still at my 9-5 day job.

In under a year, I turned in my notice to
work full time for myself.

Realizing there was a gap in the virtual assistant world, I've helped over 5,000+ students launch their Pinterest businesses since 2016.

LEt's do this, I'm in!