Meet a Successful Pinterest VA – and Her Client!

Have you ever wondered what a Pinterest VA working relationship looks like from both sides of the relationship – from the side of the Pinterest VA and the side of the client?

In this post, you’ll learn what this relationship looks like in the words of Jessica Roop (a successful Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! student) and one of her Pinterest clients, Lisa Torres (blogger at Delicious Table).

The Pinterest Virtual Assistant: Jessica Roop

VAJessica.compinterest virtual assistant in front of green foliage

My interest in the world of virtual assistance began when I stumbled upon Horkey Handbook, the website of Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! co-creator, Gina Horkey.

While I had extensive experience in the world of online marketing through my own websites and a few one-off clients over the years, it was Gina’s website that introduced me to the idea of working full-time as a virtual assistant.

After years of looking through job listings that weren’t quite the right fit for my passions and skillset, the idea of “building a job” by assisting multiple clients virtually sounded like the perfect match. And it was!

Not soon after my virtual assistant journey began, I heard about the Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! course. While waiting for the course to reopen, I started spending time on the Pinterest platform and fell in love. Given my immediate fascination with the platform, I knew that Pinterest VA services would be a perfect offering in my VA business.

After I purchased the course, I gained the knowledge I needed to successfully pitch an existing virtual assistant client on Pinterest VA services. I soon gained many additional clients as the word of my services spread.

Becoming a Pinterest VA has helped explode my virtual assistant business while providing me with a steady income through a monthly management fee. I’ve connected with amazing clients and have celebrated their wins with them – plus I get paid to play on Pinterest! You can’t beat that.

The Pinterest Client: Lisa Hatfield Torres

pinterest virtual assistant client in

My blog, Delicious Table, was started after a “dare” on a girl’s weekend to put one recipe online. I feature seasonal-ingredient, real-food recipes in a healthy balance of fresh delicious dishes filled with flavor paired with occasional treats for a long-term, sustainable healthy lifestyle.

In the years since I started Delicious Table, it has grown to produce multiple streams of income. One of the ways I did that was by “intelligently investing” into areas of my online business.

When it comes to Pinterest, I love the platform but found I spent way too much time (and energy) pinning and looking at content. After all, it is a visual search platform designed to keep you there and not working, right?

I knew I needed help with my Pinterest strategy so I could focus more of my time on other aspects of my business and brand. That’s when I found my fantastic Pinterest VA, Jessica.

How Jessica and Lisa Work Together: in Lisa’s Words

Jessica quickly became a vital part of my business strategy. Time is everything! With many skills to master as bloggers, you can’t do them all at pro level out of the gate. I honestly don’t know how I could ever get it all done without her! Since I started working with her as my Pinterest VA, I attribute the 51% upward growth trajectory on the Pinterest platform to having Jessica strategically manage my Pinterest account. There is no way I would have achieved those results myself.

How Jessica and Lisa Work Together: in Jessica’s Words

Lisa is an ideal Pinterest client! She truly “gets” the Pinterest platform and understands that Pinterest traffic ebbs and flows over time. Plus, with a large library of seasonal content, I always have seasonally relevant content to pin in addition to her evergreen content.

We chat monthly to make sure we’re on the same page for the Pinterest content going out the next month. She has such an easygoing attitude about Pinterest and is never afraid to try new things. Managing her account is a joy!

Why Lisa Recommends Working with a Pinterest VA

Delegate Pinterest. You won’t regret it. You can still look around for inspiration, but spend your time building your business for the long term. Focus the extra time on your personal strengths and skills that make you a great blogger: high-quality content creation (photography, video, recipe development, etc.), brand building, monetization, and long-term organic SEO traffic-building strategies.

Hire a Pinterest VA! You will be glad you did. Honestly, the way I look at this monthly business expense is that it more than pays for itself many times over in terms of money, stress, and time! PVAs are experienced professionals; we often bounce ideas and best practices off one another, building a win-win for each of us.

Interested in Hiring a Pinterest VA?

If you love the idea of hiring a Pinterest VA like Jessica to help manage your Pinterest presence, fill out our Hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant form and we’ll be in touch!

Interested in Becoming a Pinterest VA?

If you love the idea of managing the Pinterest account of a client like Lisa, check out the Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! course.

The story of Jessica and Lisa’s working relationship is a fantastic example of the day-to-day operations of the fun and rewarding field of Pinterest virtual assistance. Thanks for reading!