Hi, we're Kristin and Gina!

And we’re so excited you’re here to check out Become a Pinterest VA TODAY!

Starting a side hustle as a Pinterest virtual assistant is one of the BEST gigs out there. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to play on Pinterest all day? 🙋‍♀️

Not to mention, Pinterest VAs are in HIGH demand. Bloggers and business owners alike are desperate for good help and know that being present on the platform has to be a priority in their business.

We feel it’s important to share our story about how we got here, because it can essentially become YOUR story as well.

Do you ever wonder where you’ll be a year from now? Or even just three months?

When we first met, we never thought we’d be creating an amazing course for Pinterest VAs. Here’s how we crossed paths and what led us to create this course.

Kristin’s Story

In 2015, I was a brand new blogger. I struggled with learning the ins and outs of blogging and had limited tech skills.

The only social media platform I seemed to “get” was Pinterest. I would add pins to my profile and loved to create and organize boards.

Within one month of using Pinterest, my blog traffic shot up from 5,000 monthly page views to 17,000. The following month, my traffic climbed to 40,000 page views and kept climbing from there!

I realized I was on to something so I shared the results on my blog in a case study. That single case study changed my life.

Within a week of publishing it, I was hired by TWO fellow bloggers to help them grow their Pinterest presence. In my first month as a Pinterest VA, I made $480 – in my spare time – working an hour per week with each client.

Within the next two months, I was spending ALL of my spare time outside of my day job growing my Pinterest VA business. 

Within six months, I was earning $3,600 per month, and within 10 months of starting my blog and learning to use Pinterest, I was able to quit my day job to run my Pinterest VA business full-time.

Guess who became one of my Pinterest VA clients three years ago… Gina! I cold pitched her and convinced her that she needed to hire me as her Pinterest VA, but she can probably tell the story better than I can. 😉

What started off as a client/VA relationship over time transitioned into a great friendship and now a joint business venture.

We worked together for over a year and had super complementary skill sets, so it was a natural next step to create this course together!

Gina's Story

I started looking into freelancing in April 2014 and started Horkey HandBook in May that year.

By June 2014, I had secured my first client and went on to earn a total income of $16,512 during my first partial year as a virtual assistant. My expenses totaled $3,782, making for a profit of $12,730 in 2014. This was all while working full-time at my day job!

I learned how to land more clients and doubled my rates as a VA, while teaching others how to do the same.

December 9th, 2015 will go down as an epic day in history, as that’s the day I received one of the best emails ever. That was the day Kristin reached out to me and asked me to hire her to grow my website’s Pinterest presence. 🤗

I wasn’t ready at the time, so I told her to follow up.

After following up with me just once, I replied and told Kristin I really needed her help. Before hiring Kristin, I was receiving about 9,990 monthly Pinterest views. After working with Kristin, my views jumped up to 215,260 per month.

Before working with Kristin:

After working with Kristin:

As some people would say, the proof is in the pudding. 😉

So not only did Kristin help me uncover a huge marketing opportunity for my business, but she’s now one of my very best friends and we created Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! together (among other things!).

Designing Become a Pinterest VA TODAY!

With one of us having already done Pinterest work for other online businesses and the other having a clear understanding of what businesses are looking for in a VA, we decided to create a program.

We wanted to show that everyday people could make extra money managing client’s Pinterest accounts during their spare time.

And who better to create it?! We both have TONS of experience working for clients, as well as growing our online businesses.

So after a few months of plotting and brainstorming the best curriculum possible, we created Become a Pinterest VA TODAY!

Over time, we realized that our strengths lie in helping students learn everything they need to know about using the Pinterest platform, corresponding tools, plus how they can get their first client (or three) in 30-60 days or less.

In the program, we also cover how to work with clients, manage your virtual assistant business and what it looks like to scale it over time. 👊

So if you love Pinterest and want to help online businesses use the platform, you should check it out.

Just think, YOU could be making an extra $1,000 per month (or more!) in the next month or two. What could you do with the extra funds when you become a Pinterest VA today?

Our lives have changed tremendously as a result of building our VA businesses. Not to mention, it led to us meeting each other.