Nicole is Well on Her Way to Becoming a Full-Time Pinterest VA

Imagine what life would look like if you could work from home doing something you love.

You’d be in charge of your own schedule. You’d have the freedom to choose who you want to work with. Plus, you’ll love what you’re doing so it may not even feel like work.

This can be a reality if you’re interested in becoming a Pinterest VA. For example, Nicole a Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! student is well on her way to becoming a full-time Pinterest VA after completing the program.

Nicole is a personal finance blogger who also works full time. She became interested in Pinterest while trying to use it to market her own blog. Once she quickly found success with the platform, she figured it would be a good idea to help other people with Pinterest as well.

Setting Goals For a Thriving Business

Nicole had secured one client on her own before signing up for our program but knew additional training would be beneficial to her.

“Even though I already had one client, I really wanted to learn how to streamline things, put systems in place and manage time for my new side hustle,” Nicole shared with us.

The goals Nicole had for her side business were spot on in terms of setting herself up for success and continual growth. Getting work as a Pinterest VA is one thing, but turning it into a full-on successful Pinterest business is another. Luckily, Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! shows you how to do both.

Nicole knew that in order to make more money and avoid overwhelm or confusion, she needed to learn how to streamline things and put systems in place.

Diversifying Service Offerings

Pinterest VA work can be flexible seeing as you can offer a variety of service offerings to expand the value you provide to clients. Whether you like to design pins, schedule or set up accounts, it’s easy to find clients in need of your help.

If you can provide all-in-one packages or separate offerings, you’ll likely attract more clients who all need different levels of assistance.

“Before this program, I thought the only way I could make money with Pinterest was with monthly recurring services,” Nicole said during our interview. “However, adding a la carte services are what really helped me boost my income and diversify my service offerings.”

Full-Time Work on the Horizon

Nicole would love to go full-time with her Pinterest VA business and luckily, she can reach her goal in the near future.

“I can definitely see myself transitioning this to a full-time job,” Nicole shared. “I’ve already been cutting down on hours at my full-time business and have 3 monthly recurring clients. Plus, I’ve done quite a few one-time a la carte services.”

Her favorite part of the business is scheduling pins and looking at analytics to help her clients grow their numbers.

“I love to see which keywords are popular for certain pins and track which ones are doing well. It’s definitely the fun part for me.”

Nicole uses the extra money she makes from Pinterest VA work for fun expenses like traveling with her family, but it is reassuring to know that she now has the skills and tools on hand to turn her side business into a full-time career.

Advice on Reaching the Finish Line

During our interview, Nicole wanted to make it clear that to achieve the results she’s gotten, you have to be willing to finish what you start.

“The initial investment was a concern when considering enrolling in Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! but it was absolutely worth it. Once you land your first client, it pretty much pays for the course. That said, once you start, keep going all the way to the end. There are so many good nuggets that you can learn along the way.”

We love Nicole’s advice because it’s so true. Once you commit to the process, it’s not that hard to get your first client and scale your Pinterest VA business up to whatever level you think is best!