Krista Earned Her Program Investment Back in 3 Months

Have you ever thought about how quickly you can become a paid Pinterest VA? Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! will not only teach you how to master Pinterest and monetize your skills, but you’ll also learn how to find your first client quickly and scale your business over time.

Krista is a Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! student who landed her first client within weeks of finishing the program, earning back her initial investment within 3 months.

Krista runs a business called The Runcible Raven – she designs marketing and sales solutions for artists, coaches and other creators. Now, she’s been able to successfully add Pinterest VA work to her list of services and grow her business while helping other businesses succeed as well.

Let’s find out how Krista launched the Pinterest VA side of her business so quickly. She also shares exclusive tips for success as a part of her story.

The Benefits of Efficiency

Learning a new skill or even breaking into an entirely different career field can feel daunting.

Learn how to side hustle part time as a Pinterest virtual assistant. Krista is sharing how she joined Pinterest VA to earn extra income.That’s why we’re here to help. We’ve organized Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! to provide you with all of the information, tools and strategies you need to understand Pinterest and run your own successful business… without wasting any time!

Krista took advantage of this opportunity by efficiently moving through the program at her own pace and it certainly paid off.

“I enrolled in the program on April 24, 2018, finished about 80% by July 5th and signed my client July 25, 2018,” Krista told us.

“Kristin’s “Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! program made it possible for me to not only pitch and sign my first PVA client before I’d even finished the program, but it also taught me how to develop the confidence and skills I needed to begin getting results for that client in very short order.” 

Seeing a positive ROI (return on investment) when you’ve made an investment in yourself is an amazing feeling. Why wait for it when you can dedicate a little time each day to move through the program material, taking action along the way?

Favorite Parts of the Program

Everyone has their favorite part of the process when it comes to learning how to become an awesome Pinterest VA. Here’s what Krista said:

“I loved how the processes for finding clients, building a Pinterest account from scratch and the steps to take to convert a personal account to a business account (and grow it!) were all laid out systematically. You can move through the modules as quickly as you like and you have lifetime access to the program material – you can refer back to certain areas as often as you like for a refresher.”

Focusing on Client Results

One important thing Krista did to grow her Pinterest VA business quickly – but without sacrificing quality – involved prioritizing client results. While the work itself is very rewarding, we love getting clients concrete results and joining in on their happy dance once Pinterest starts working for their business.

Being able to get clients positive results can also help you get referrals, a pay raise, and consistent work. For Krista’s first client, she focused on implementing what she’d learn to help get their Pinterest account to the next level.

Below is a screenshot showing where Krista’s client’s Pinterest views started in July of 2018. The client had been pinning for about 6 months or so, not seeing much growth.

Krista implemented a strategy to improve Pinterest traffic which involved switching her client’s profile to a business account, connecting her website, and enabling rich pins. She also helped her client join new group boards and schedule pins in Tailwind which lead to steady and immediate growth.

By October of that same year, her client’s Pinterest presence had really grown, as you can see from the analytics screenshot below:

Pinterest traffic to Krista’s client’s website increased from about 5% of her total traffic to about 17% of her total traffic since they’ve been working together!

Taking Advantage of Additional Tools

Another key to Krista’s PVA success that she shared with us has been taking advantage of additional tools and resources like the program’s corresponding Pinterest Post Community.

“I maintained my initial membership to the Pinterest Post Community on Facebook because I find it’s especially helpful on the days when Pinterest is acting like a moody teenager! At those times, it’s immensely helpful to have a place to ask questions and get information on the latest changes Pinterest or Tailwind may be making on their platform,” Krista shared.

The Pinterest Post Community is exclusively for current students and alumni of Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! It’s a positive place that provides dedicated coaching, technical support, live Q+A’s and client leads.

Krista jumped right in with the program and worked through it efficiently at her own pace, which allowed her to land her first client before even completing the program entirely. Within just 3 months of enrolling in the program, she made her initial investment back and started focusing on improving her first client’s Pinterest presence to help them get positive results and increase the Pinterest traffic to their site.

We Love Updates!

It’s fun to read about student’s initial success starting and growing their Pinterest Virtual Assistant businesses.

But it’s even more fun to watch their journies unfold and see how learning these new skills translates into so many other things! When we asked Krista for an update, here’s what she had to say:

“As for an update… I’m just now getting back into a couple of clients needing Pinterest, so it might not look as grand as it might if I were only offering PVA services, but I think it’s pretty exciting all the same.

I’ve been migrating an older VA relationship with one client onto someone new so I can devote the maximum amount of time to my consulting/marketing business where I’m focusing on artists and other creator-type people. That has been growing and just this week I signed my first “big” $2,500 start-up project with a maintenance retainer likely to come after the initial set-up.

This client will be getting a renewed website, Google Analytics, Facebook page, and a presence on Society6 with product descriptions as a way to get started with online sales. I’ll also be setting up her Pinterest account and directing traffic to all of her “properties” as a part of that (I estimated about $500 of that $2,500 would be for initial Pinterest set-up).

And then, of course, there will be monthly growth and maintenance after that, so I think that one is pretty exciting! I have another current client in the wings whose SO close to adding Pinterest services – just not quite ready.

I also have a barter/JV relationship with a fellow freelancer who consults with me on topics relevant to artists in exchange for consulting the other way around – including using Pinterest for business. That has given us both a lot of value.

We’re working on a course and some packaged knowledge together, so again, PVA training has been a benefit. And of course, I get to use it for myself as I try to grow that blog. I think making pins for my posts is one of my favorite parts!

As a visual platform, I find Pinterest is a great marketing tool for many types of artists and creators, so I make sure to offer it when it makes sense. Having the PVA training has given me one more tool in my kit I can use to benefit my clients – and even if they don’t always need or want Pinterest services, just talking about it has helped demonstrate I’m willing to find the right marketing avenue for their products, which has helped me get more work overall.

Finally, I still have a positive relationship with my very first Pinterest client, but unfortunately, she wasn’t able to continue services due to a severe illness. The upside of that was that she has a great Pinterest account set up which continues to send her traffic without her lifting a finger. I’m amazed every time I peek at her account and see that she’s had a pin resurrect and go mini-viral. I’m grateful that the asset continues to give her a return and look forward to her healing up so we can continue to work together.

So I don’t fit very well in the average Pinterest income/hours at the moment since it’s just one part of my business and not everyone chooses to use it. But I do now have a $500 package that will likely take me fewer than 10 hours of work to complete, and will then be charging at least $250/month for account maintenance.

I also get fairly regular barter services and a great business partner out of it. The real value is in having the great tool and training that I’ve been able to apply to lots of marketing avenues. (Keywords and great descriptions anyone? Hello! You use them everywhere!)”

We can’t wait to hear about what’s next for Krista with her Pinterest VA business – we know that if she keeps up this attitude and quality of work, she’ll be able to continue scaling up. The sky is truly the limit for this girl!

Krista Earned Her Program Investment Back in 3 Months