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$4.1 Million

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Happy students

A flexible, fulfilling career

Being in control of who you work with and what you do

More time for your lifestyle so you can balance playing with your kids, traveling the world, and enjoying your life while you enjoy meaningful work

Working wherever you want because your business is virtual

Unlimited earning potential because you aren’t limited to what your 9-5 gives you

Surrounding yourself with a community of other go-getters

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"In my first two months, I had SIX clients!"

Tammy and her husband travel full time. She started her Pinterest virtual assistant business so she can work from anywhere.

"I invested in the PVA program because I was looking for a way to leave my 9-5!"

Erica left the hospitality world after her Pinterest management business flourished.

Hi, I'm Kristin Larsen! 

I’m here to remind you of the incredible possibilities life has to offer AND the fact that building the bridge to what you want doesn’t have to be so hard.

Think about the life you want to live.

Why not make it a sure thing by learning from someone who has accomplished exactly what you want to accomplish? 

After helping over 6,000+ students launch their Pinterest businesses since 2016, I'm confident that you are in the right place! 

"I've hired two Pinterest VAs that were graduates of the program.

Both times the hiring process was easy!

Both of my VAs have been invaluable in driving traffic to my site and the resulting growth in page views and revenue."

"I turned in my resignation to my job today – I can officially say I’m offering Pinterest services
full time!"

"I can’t even begin to tell you how this program has CHANGED the scope of our lives.

My husband is SOOO much less stressed now and on top of that, I’m genuinely doing what I love!"

- Jenifer

“I have taken A LOT of business courses and this program is by far my favorite – I’ve made my investment back X15.

The material is laid out in a very easy to understand way, there is NO fluff and EVERYTHING is strategic and to the point.”

- Tara

- Victoria

- Courtney

1,000+ client leads have hired Pinterest VAs from our trusted community

Students are Landing Clients, Earning Income and Quitting Their Day Jobs!

Something BIG is coming! 

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