Erica Landed Her 1st Pinterest Client in Under 30 Days!

We love seeing how quickly things can turn around for students who enroll in our Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! program… seriously! 

Erica recently reached out to us about her success with finding and landing her first client within a month of signing up for the program. And she didn’t even have her website fully set up yet either!

It is now though. 🙂

Pro Tip: A website and/or blog is NOT necessary for launching/building a successful Pinterest Virtual Assistant business. We share multiple FREE ways to get started showcasing your PVA services online inside of the program.

We love a lot of Erica’s story, but one of the most inspiring things is that she’s building her biz while working full-time and parenting two young boys! Super-mom alert!

Consistency is the key that led to Erica’s early success as a brand new Pinterest VA. But first, she had to take that initial bold step.

“I decided to enroll in the program because I really wanted to learn how to build my [online] business around being a Pinterest VA,” Erica said. “I knew that I wanted to niche down as far as offering services online went, so I took a chance and hit that ‘purchase now’ button.

Erica shared despite her reservations that she knew that if she didn’t act then, she might never take that first step. 

“So here I am, scheduled to earn my investment back within the next 30 days!” 

Learning Which Services to Offer Was Key

Erica found the services module of Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! the most helpful because it was imperative to grasp the skills she needed to master in order to offer services that could truly help clients. And services that would pay well, at that! 

“I also appreciated the information on how to price the different services I was going to offer because that was one of the key areas I was almost paralyzed in – what in the world to charge?!

One of the biggest misconceptions about becoming a Pinterest VA is that you have to be super good with technology. Sure, you have to know how to navigate the internet and use basic functions on the Pinterest platform, plus some basic design skills if you’re creating pins, but overall it’s not a super technical job. In fact, almost anyone can learn these entry-level skills, impressing their clients as a result. 

Erica took advantage of all the tech training lessons in the program and still refers back to them as she manages her client’s accounts. 

Finding the First Client

So how did Erica secure her first client within 30 days of investing in the program? She found her first client on Upwork – a site that connects freelancers with a wide variety of small business owners looking for virtual help. 

Upwork can be hit or miss for some people, but Erica had found success with it in the past. She figured it would be a great place to find a client who may be new to Pinterest and willing to take a chance on someone without extensive experience. 

Still within her first 90 days of enrolling in Become a Pinterest VA TODAY!, Erica is super close to earning back her investment!

Consistency is KEY

“It all comes down to consistently pitching clients,” Erica says. “The program gave me the confidence I needed to get started, push forward and make this business dream a reality. Had I not taken a chance, I would likely still be figuring out exactly where to start.”

Erica sends out around 10 pitches each month and has found it’s really a numbers game.

“If you know how many clients you need in order to meet your financial goals, work backward to figure out how many pitches it will take to get you there. This is one of the best ways to fill your pipeline and get where you want to be with your business.”

Publishing a case study on your first client is one way to gain credibility as you get started. It’s a great option for showing future prospects the results you’ve achieved with other clients.

Erica was able to help her first client grow their Pinterest presence and the impressive results will definitely help her land more work in the future.

While Erica is still in the early stages of building her Pinterest business, her growth shows what’s possible when you narrow your focus and continue to make a consistent effort. 

“I am still learning something new every single day, reading as much as I can and I’m also making personalized pitches to land additional clients,” she shared. 

We Love Updates!

Erica was super excited to share that within the first six months of launching her business, she had already received a new client via referral.

She’s also already scaling her business and replaced one of her lower-paying clients with one that can afford her increased rates. Way to go Erica!

Advice For Anyone Who’s on the Fence

Want similar results to Erica’s? Have you been playing around with the idea of how your life could change in the next few months? 

Her advice sums things up perfectly:

“You can definitely scour the internet and read all of the blog posts to find out how to become a Pinterest VA, but that could literally take months. Kristin’s program (which came before all of these online resources!) gives it all to you in one place. If you’re ready and willing to work hard to get through the material so you can start earning back your investment, then investing in this program is the right decision!”

February 2021 Update

We reached out to Erica to see how things have been going for her in the past two years, and we were ECSTATIC to receive this amazing update from Erica:

“In 2020 I was able to leave my full time job and now work my Pinterest Business full time! I currently have 5 monthly management clients and generally 1-2 clients for once-off services per month. I have been able to double my prices since starting out and introduced Promoted Pins (Pinterest ads) management as well as created a 1:1 Pinterest strategy session to help clients get started with a Pinterest strategy that’s unique to their business. My average monthly income is around $4k/mo.”

Erica is crushing it with her business, and so can you!

Erica Landed Her 1st Pinterest Client in Under 30 Days!