Dama Went From $0 to Full on Solopreneur in 3 Weeks

“I’ve already earned my tuition back and my business is in the black, even after my year of website hosting, only two weeks after finishing the program (6 weeks after enrolling). Amazing. Thank you!”

One of the best parts of becoming a Pinterest VA is that you can run your business from virtually anywhere. That’s what Dama, a former Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! student, did when she and her husband moved out of the country to start a new life.

Dama and her husband wanted to do something bold and break out of the corporate grind so they quit their jobs, sold all they had and moved to Mexico to volunteer for a year.

How cool is that?!

Still, Dama wanted to earn a flexible income during her time off work so she gave Pinterest VA work a try. She landed two new clients just days after finishing the program. We’re excited to share all of the details about her success story on the blog today.

Searching For Reliable Remote Work

Dama came across the idea of becoming a Pinterest VA when she was searching for work-from-home opportunities during her time in Mexico.

“I started looking for home-based gigs immediately but nothing panned out,” she said. “When I came across Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! it piqued my curiosity but I was hesitant to try it out due to financial reasons. Still, the idea of getting started with this business kept coming back to my mind.”

Dama admits that what finally sold her on the idea of starting a Pinterest VA business was all the benefits and bonuses that the program offered to help students succeed.

“I was finally sold after being offered something that other Pinterest courses really didn’t offer like templates, specifics on what to charge, weekly Q and As and more important, client leads.”

Knowing the ‘What’ and ‘How’

As with starting any business, it’s important to come out of the gate with strong, proven techniques.

Learn how to travel abroad and start your own side hustle as a Pinterest virtual assistant. This entrepreneur is sharing her story on how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant while traveling and living abroad.New Pinterest VAs are eager to learn more about what services they can offer, how to perform them and how much to charge.

Dama relied on the lessons in the program to quickly equip her with the skills needed as well as to avoid common mistakes made by newbies in the field.

“The module that dealt which services I could offer and what to charge on the starting end was extremely helpful,” she shared. “I also really appreciated the templates for cold pitching and follow-ups so I didn’t have to stumble through these things when I started out.”

Building a Solid Part-Time Biz

Landing and then working clients are always a concern for any service-based entrepreneur, but there are so many proven ways to find, land and work with Pinterest VA clients within our program.

Dama took full advantage of the resources we offer, like our technical training videos and Pinterest Post Community for support and guidance and access to high-quality client leads.

She ended up landing her first two clients from a freelancer job board. This allowed her to get her feet wet with this new type of work and gain some testimonials for her site. After that, things started to move rather quickly.

She finished the program on May 25th of this year and earned her first paycheck by May 31st!

By June 10th, she has closed two additional clients – in just a matter of weeks, her part-time Pinterest VA business was established.

“About 6 weeks after enrolling in Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! (and 2 weeks after completing the program), I had a new business and earned enough to pay back my year of web hosting for my new PVA website.”

Gaining Confidence With Experience

Dama is such a rockstar but she admits she was initially nervous to pitch some of the leads that we shared within the Pinterest Post Community.

“I had been holding back and let so many client leads go by without pitching them because I didn’t feel ready,” Dama said. “I started sending brief video pitches and reaching out to my favorite bloggers on social media to build relationships.”

Dama admits that while her first two clients from the freelancer job board didn’t pay as well, the work did provide her with more experience that gave her the confidence to pitch for higher-paying work.

When trying to get past the experience factor, we recommend Pinterest VAs do a case study on their own site or a friend’s site to help test out strategies and measure results. But don’t sell yourself short!

“One of the mistakes I made was not following the pricing guidelines laid out in the program when I first started because I didn’t feel like I was worth $25 – $35 per hour yet,” Dama shared. “I was though, right out of the gate. I won’t be making that mistake again!”

Advice for Newbies

Dama has some great advice for anyone who’s looking to follow in her footsteps along with the tons of other successful Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! alum. Here’s what she had to say:

“If you’re on the waitlist, start cruising other Pinterest virtual assistant’s business web pages and think about what kind of look you want your website to have (and yes, you really, really, REALLY are going to want to have your own website.) Taking time away from the program to build my website was the biggest delay I experienced and it cost me a week.

Just remember, you’ve got this! It’s a lot of information but you can totally handle it and you’ll be a pro by the time you make your way through the material.

I went from $0 to full-on solopreneur in just 3 weeks, all while living abroad. I never thought I’d work for myself and I love it. I set my schedule, take cuddle breaks with my husband and dog whenever I want to and I don’t have a “boss” breathing down my neck.

It seriously doesn’t get any better than this!”

Dama Went From $0 to Full on Solopreneur in 3 Weeks