Courtney Found Her First Client via the Pinterest Post Community

Does the thought of becoming a Pinterest VA sound intimidating to you?

Are you wondering how you’ll land your first client and start making money? Allow one of our past Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! students, Courtney to help ease your reservations with her story.

Courtney was able to earn back her course investment and land her first client within 2 months of actively focusing on establishing her Pinterest VA business.

She initially started exploring how she could make pins for her own website, The Running Mama. Once she realized how much she enjoyed Pinterest, she thought it would be pretty exciting to help other people create pins, grow their Pinterest presence and get paid for it.

Leap of Faith

“I had some reservations about spending money when I wasn’t making any yet, especially as a new blogger and a stay-at-home mom,” Courtney shared with us.

“BUT, after reading about Kristin and her journey and then reading all of the stellar reviews plus the program outline, I was sold. I just knew this business was something I wanted to turn into a career and make all my own.”

Courtney admitted the course gave her the confidence to ‘go after it’ and really put herself and her new skills out there. No one will know what you’re doing or that you’re trying to build a business if you don’t gain the confidence to share your gift with the world.

This is why we’re so glad Courtney decided to take a leap of faith and really commit to becoming a successful Pinterest VA.

Landing the First Client

Courtney landed her first client in November 2018 with help from the Pinterest Post Community, our members-only community that compliments our online program. This exclusive group is great for asking questions, getting feedback and learning about new Pinterest updates and trends.

It’s also an awesome place to find client leads. Whenever someone is looking for a Pinterest VA, we have them fill out a form detailing their needs and we let our students in the group know so they can apply.

Courtney came across a lead she liked in the group and sent a pitch. Once she landed that client, she gained more confidence to keep pitching and utilizing the leads that were presented in the group.

Split Focus

Courtney landed her first client within 6 months of enrolling in the program, but just 2 months after solely focusing on pitching and building her VA business. What does this mean exactly?

Well, she was a little overwhelmed during the beginning which really split her focus.

“I didn’t start pitching Pinterest VA clients until about September or October of 2018,” Courtney shared. “I was also taking a blogging course and I was a tad ambitious to believe I could take both at the same time. I got some great advice to only do one at a time, so I made becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant my priority so I could bring in more money quickly – we needed it.”

Courtney’s slight dilemma is not uncommon. As go-getters and self-starters, many of us want to do allllll of the things. However, if you try to focus on everything at once, you will end up splitting your focus too much and it’s likely that you won’t reach your goals.

Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! students have found the most success when they’ve hunkered down and focused on taking the action steps we layout to grow their business. You can certainly take on other tasks and projects as a Pinterest VA, but you can definitely get results faster when you narrow your focus, especially in the beginning stages.

Resources That Were Most Helpful

Courtney personally loved all of the examples and how-tos provided in the program including the scripts for creating custom pitches to land new clients.

Become a Pinterest virtual assistant like Courtney! She enrolled in Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! to start a new side hustle and earn extra income.“Every single detail that you need to become successful is clearly laid out for you,” she added.  “The modules build on each other so it’s straightforward. As someone who got their master’s degree completely online, I know online classes very well!”

Courtney also found the printable client onboarding workbook super helpful.

She admitted feeling nervous to meet face-to-face with her first client via Zoom but the client was quickly impressed by how organized and structured the meeting was due to her preparation.

Finally, one of the biggest resources she was able to utilize was well, us!

We don’t mean to toot our own horns, but we love making ourselves available to answer questions and provide feedback to program students when they need it. We pride ourselves on being able to offer this personalized service.

Chatting further with Courtney via email and in our group was also a great way to get to know her and her business goals better. When she hit a major milestone, it felt like a huge win for us as well!

“It feels great to have direct support from the creator of the program, Kristin. She is there to help you! If I ever had a question, I sent it right over to the support email and Kristin got back to me. NOT some other salesperson I’ve never heard of…but Kristin personally. That’s amazing considering I’m also taking a blogging course and I never hear from the actual course creator.”

Tips For Future Students

Courtney had a few great tips for new students (or anyone who’s on the fence in general about becoming a Pinterest VA) – these are her exact tips:

  1. Set goals. The moment I set goals for this business, I kid you not, I landed my first client. Write down goals that will help you in the long run with the course and with your business.
  2. Do the homework. At the end of each module, you’ll see that Kristin provides “homework” – DO it. This is what helped me overcome timing obstacles of not getting in practice.
  3. Send pitches. One of the best things I’ve done for myself at this stage was to set a goal to pitch once per day. No matter what happens in my day, I’m pitching SOMEONE. That’s how you get clients and the course explains how to do it correctly, how to follow up and what to do when you actually get a ‘yes’ from a prospect.
  4. Believe in this business. I believe in this business so much and saw the potential it had as I proceeded with my training. I wake up every day excited… I know it sounds cliché but it’s so true. Believe in this business and love the work you do.

September 2019 Update

Not only do we love to bring you fresh case studies of our students killing it, but we also like to update them over time so that you can see that these individuals continue to be successful, plus give you an inside look at how their businesses change over time.

Here’s what Courtney had to say when we asked her how things were going:

“In total, I’ve landed 10 clients! I’m currently still working with 5 and have almost landed number 11 – all from the client leads you guys share in the Pinterest Post Community!”

Some clients needed my services only short term and have ventured on their own, have decided that they like to have control of their own account or simply can’t afford me right now!

I’ve recently learned that after you’ve established yourself and have some client experience under your belt, you can actually start being CHOOSEY with who you take on as a client! Looking back, I can now see how I fit certain clients and how they fit me.

My income level right now is ALMOST $3,000 – I’m pretty stoked!

I can’t even begin to TELL you how becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant has CHANGED the scope of our lives. My husband is SOOO much less stressed now and on top of that I’m genuinely doing WHAT I love!”

We hope Courtney’s experience got you pumped to see what’s possible and create your own success story. These results are totally possible for you so long as you commit and put your mind to it.

So why not YOU? Why not NOW?!

Courtney Found Her First Client via the Pinterest Post Community