Cecily Landed Her 1st PVA Client Before Finishing the Program

Wondering if you can really do this and become a successful Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

You’re definitely not alone. We’ve come across quite a few people who were hesitant to start, but we’re so glad they took a chance on themselves in hindsight.

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Without students taking that first step, we wouldn’t be able to share so many success stories, including this inspiring one from Cecily. Cecily is a former Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! student – she was looking to earn extra money via a side hustle when she came across our program.

Cecily is a Pinterest virtual assistant. Learn how she started her virtual assistant business and credits Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! for her results.Cecily had no experience with Pinterest or managing social media, but thought this was something that would be enjoyable and allow her to scale her income over time.

Ready for the rest of the story? Great, let’s chat about how she got her first Pinterest VA client (with no prior experience), before she even completed the program!

Exploring the Idea of Becoming a Pinterest VA

“I took a [general] Pinterest course first to see if being a Pinterest VA was something I would like to do,” Cecily shared. “Then, I realized I didn’t know how to actually go about getting clients, how to invoice or receive payments or how to price my services.”

Cecily first learned about Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! via Kristin’s side hustle series on BelieveInABudget.com.

She realized it sounded like just what she needed to learn more about improving her Pinterest skills and actually launching a thriving business with her services.

“The only reservation I had was deciding if I should invest in myself and pay for the program,” Cecily said. “It was a lot of money for me at the time.”

Favorite Parts of the PROGRAM

Becoming a Pinterest VA can be very fulfilling in a variety of ways.

You can use your creative abilities to design pins and write descriptions for clients. And your organizational skills will come in handy when it’s time to schedule pins and help clients implement strategy.

You’ll also use utilize time-management, leadership and effective communication skills as you gain clients and build your own business. Every Pinterest VA has a favorite skill or task they enjoy, of course! Most simply enjoy the overall job, because it’s fun and Pinterest is something they love.

This is important, because you should love what you’re doing and enjoy learning along the way, right?!

“I enjoyed the pin design part of the program especially,” Cecily shared. “I’ve never considered myself a creative person, but I guess that’s not needed to create eye-catching pins, since what I learned in the course was simple to implement on my own.”

Finding the First Client

Cecily landed her first Pinterest VA client pretty early and before she had even finished the program.

“I was contacted by a salon owner who was referred to me by my sister,” Cecily shared. “I managed my first client at a discounted rate so I could learn, but I still earned back my course investment in about 3 months.”

You never really know where your first client will come from, but it’s so important to explore all avenues. You’ll want to pitch, tell family and friends and network to find new opportunities.

Cecily landed her first client simply by sharing what she was doing with others. Pinterest VA work is in high-demand and you’d be surprised to know how many people in your network may be interested in hiring you for this service.

Cecily’s first client allowed her to gain experience with setting up a Pinterest account, creating boards and designing pins.

“I was a nervous wreck when my first client approached me, because I wanted to sound like a professional and that I knew what I was doing,” Cecily said. “The knowledge I gained in Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! covered everything I could think of – like what services to offer, what to charge, what to ask when interviewing potential clients and more! I would’ve been lost if I didn’t have this information including the ready-made templates for proposals, onboarding workbook, etc.

Growing As a VA

Cecily did quite a few things to grow her skills and her Pinterest VA business over time. She credits tools like the Pinterest Post Community (our exclusive Facebook group for program participants), Canva and PayPal with helping her grow and manage her business more efficiently.

Canva is a great online tool we recommend for creating Pinterest images. It makes the process super easy, even if you’re not that great at graphic design.

PayPal is another tool you can use to invoice your clients in the beginning, but you can also look into invoicing software like Freshbooks to request and accept payments with ease.

“What really helped me the most was being apart of the Community,” Cecily said. “There were so many client leads that were posted in the group –any member could send a pitch if they were interested.”

Cecily also found tons of time-saving tips within the individual lessons and templates provided in the program. They helped her get the results she wanted in her business faster.

“I worked full-time and was building up a Pinterest VA career on the side, so I found these tools super useful.”

With everything Cecily learned, she found that actually managing each client’s account is not a one-size fit-all experience.

“My client was a salon owner. What I didn’t anticipate was all of the international emails and phone calls my client received from people wanting to book services. I wasn’t sure why this happened. My client’s location was stated in her profile, as well as on every pin.”

“I took this problem to the Community (who are the most supportive people ever!), and got tips from the instructors (Gina & Kristin), as well as fellow program participants. I don’t know what I would’ve done on my own.”

Mistakes Along the Way

We all make mistakes as we learn to master a new skill.

We asked Cecily to share any mistakes she felt she made during her journey, to help others go into the experience already knowing what she learned as a result.

Mistake #1 – No Contract

“I didn’t send my first client an official proposal or ask them to sign a contract. As a result, I was asked to do time-consuming tasks that weren’t in our original agreement. It was uncomfortable as a new PVA to have to refuse to do the extra work and hope not to get fired!”

Mistake #2 – Didn’t Attract the Right Clients

“I wanted to work on my speed/efficiency, so I posted my services on Fiverr. I offered very limited services at a low price. I found these buyers weren’t my ideal clients.

After the gigs ended, no one was interested in paying for a full service. This was a bummer, as I find it much more rewarding managing ongoing accounts and building strong, long-lasting relationships with my clients.”

Mistake #3 – No Business Cards

“I didn’t carry business cards. People were really interested when they find out I was a Pinterest VA.

I always get the same response: ‘I didn’t even know that was a thing. Could you look at  my Pinterest account?’

Advice For Anyone Considering Becoming a Pinterest VA

Cecily’s advice for anyone who’s reading this and is considering becoming a Pinterest VA is spot on.

“One of the best things I got from the program was to know your worth as a PVA. Even though you are new, you have learned a unique set of knowledge and skills to provide great services that can help a lot of people grow their businesses on Pinterest. It was a confidence builder for sure.”

Some other helpful tips:

  • Ask questions. If you are considering enrolling in a program like this, contact the instructor and ask before you buy. If you have questions on a blog post, contact the blogger. People are generally happy to hear from you and answer questions.
  • Always start with a client on a trial period to see if you are a good fit. I.e. Don’t get married too soon!
  • Be picky. The work experience is so much better with a good client. Don’t feel like you have to stick with someone who causes you extra stress.
  • Ask for payment before starting work. It’s the only way to ensure you get paid!
  • Start with only one client. Land your first client and delay taking on any other clients until you gain experience with this first one. Learn all you can!
  • Don’t put off sending your first pitch because you don’t think anyone will hire you. After sending that dreaded first one, it gets so much easier!
  • Don’t give up if it’s hard to land your first client. We’ve all been there. Keep going – it’ll be worth it.

Cecily’s tips and advice are gold for anyone looking to become a Pinterest VA. She recently landed a new client after following up on a lead shared in our Facebook group. We can’t wait to hear more about where her business takes her – it’s been AWESOME to to watch her business grow!


Have you been playing around with the idea of becoming a Pinterest VA?

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Cecily Landed Her 1st PVA Client Before Finishing the Program