Student & Client Success Stories

Liz Went From Pinterest Hobbyist to a Paid Pinterest VA

The people who love using Pinterest personally often make the best Pinterest VAs. Plus, what’s better than enjoying the work you do and the people you work with?! Liz had been doing Pinterest work for her own site for some time before coming across Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! She saw the course as an

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Krista Earned Her Program Investment Back in 3 Months

Have you ever thought about how quickly you can become a paid Pinterest VA? Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! will not only teach you how to master Pinterest and monetize your skills, but you’ll also learn how to find your first client quickly and scale your business over time. Krista is a Become a Pinterest

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Meet a Successful Pinterest VA – and Her Client!

Have you ever wondered what a Pinterest VA working relationship looks like from both sides of the relationship – from the side of the Pinterest VA and the side of the client? In this post, you’ll learn what this relationship looks like in the words of Jessica Roop (a successful Become a Pinterest VA TODAY!

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