How to Become a Food Photographer (Success Story Interview!)

When looking through beautiful cooking magazines or your favorite food blogs or websites, have you ever wondered, “How can I become a food photographer?” The mouthwatering photos you see don’t take themselves, so there must be some lucky photographer whipping up incredible dishes, plating them in just the right way, and taking those tantalizing photographs.

What if we told you…

  • that lucky photographer could be you, even if you’ve never picked up a camera in your life. ?
  • there are business owners (specifically bloggers and online publishers) who desperately need these services. ?
  • there is a course out there that can teach you everything you need to know and connect you directly to over 600 potential buyers. ?

Sounds amazing, right?! The course is called Pretty Focused, and we’re thrilled to have interviewed one of the many successful students, Lauren Ashley.

Hi Lauren! Tell us a little about yourself and your food photography business, Lauren Ashley.

I am an independent content creator who specializes in photography and recipe development. I produce scroll stopping images for my clients to use on their websites and social media. My small appliances and I work together to serve my clients well as I earn an income from my kitchen!

You can connect with Lauren via email, her photo gallery, on Facebook, or on Instagram.

How did you stumble upon the idea of providing food photography as a service?

It was literally a stumble, preceded by lots of prayer. I found myself at a crossroads and needed an out of the box option for my next season of life. Before taking the Pretty Focused course, I had been a consumer of food blogs but had NO idea what actually went into running one successfully.

How did you find the Pretty Focused course?

One of the bloggers I had followed for years, Melodee Fiske, was promoting this course. As it turns out, she was the co-creator! I was just scrolling along on Facebook one day and BAM! The game changed.

What has been your experience with Pretty Focused?

headshot of lauren food photographer in her kitchenMy name is Lauren and I am a photographer and small business owner.

If you had told me I would be able to say that sentence with complete confidence 18 months ago, I would have laughed at you. Loudly.

Mostly because I had never even used our camera. When I started this course in August 2018, I “borrowed” my husband’s DSLR camera. It had been collecting dust while I was learning to run our household and navigating the waters of motherhood. I didn’t even know where to begin. But, I clicked play on the first module and picked up that camera.

Melodee walked through everything from camera basics, understanding things like aperture and shutter speed (total foreign words to me pre-course). She even showed me things like expense tracking and where to find clients! Through the Facebook group, I was able to continue to learn and grow along with my peers by posting my practice work and getting to see what everyone else was working on too! This group is my favorite place on the internet. I have met the most supportive people there!

Melodee does live videos weekly where we can discuss topics like recipe development or taxes! Because of the Buyers Club where Bloggers and Content creators can “meet,” I get to work with successful bloggers from all over. Pretty Focused really thought of everything. When I chose Melodee and Stephanie as my experts, I decided to trust them and follow their advice. Because of that, I am enjoying success in this adventure!

What do you love about the food photography business? How has becoming a food photographer impacted your life?

I had been a stay at home mom to four kids under 10 for a decade. This had been my greatest joy and biggest challenge. But I could see the financial needs of our family evolving to meet the demands of the next season. I felt so discouraged when I considered my options. 9a-5p, no thank you. Plus, a commute in Dallas traffic. Double no-thank you.

How was I going to help support my family financially, while still being available for all of the most important things? We are approaching the teen years… this is not the time to drop the ball. I happened across the course during the summer of 2018, it piqued my interest but the fear of failure was REAL. Eventually, I shared it with my husband. As soon as I said I thought I wanted to give it a try, he signed me up! If we had waited for me to pull the trigger, we would still be waiting! My start goal was to make sure I earned enough to cover the cost of the course so it wouldn’t be a loss when I failed.

Within 45 days of passing my portfolio review, I was astonished to discover that I had earned enough to cover the cost of the course 3 times, and that was only the beginning! Taking the Pretty Focused Course has given me an avenue to add to our family’s financial health without sacrificing my availability. This has given me an exciting creative outlet. And I now know how to run a sustainable business from home. But the most unexpected thing that has come out of this is the I have a new-found confidence in myself! I never knew I had this in me!

I CAN DO HARD THINGS, and LOVE it! One of the most exciting parts of taking this course is that I was able to sit in the front row as two other friends have taken the course and are now working from home just like me!! Cheering them on and seeing their success has been so exhilarating! I am so glad I didn’t let fear win. I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Would you recommend food photography as a good service to provide?

Based on my experience, I would definitely recommend this as a service to provide! Has it been easy money? NOPE. But the work is hard in a good way! I feel really grateful and proud that I get to call this my “job.” At the end of the day, if I had written a job description for myself, this would have been it. I am having an amazing time working with THE BEST clients. This career has changed the way my family discusses money.

Lauren’s Before-and-After Photos

Before the Pretty Focused Food Photography Course

Here is one of Lauren’s food photos before taking Pretty Focused. 

before pretty focused food photography course

After the Pretty Focused Food Photography Course

Here are two of Lauren’s photos after taking Pretty Focused. Amazing, right?!

become a food photographer after photos collage

Want to Become as a Food Photographer like Lauren?

Learn how to become a food photographer by hopping on over to the Pretty Focused sales page! (If you’re a blogger wanting to transform your own content, check out Pretty Focused: Blogger Edition.)

What’s Included in the Pretty Focused Course?

With Pretty Focused, you’ll get:

  • The Pretty Focused Training System™️, which consists of 6 modules, 40+ lessons, and 8 hours of video training
  • BONUS #1: Six Months of Free Coaching
  • BONUS #2: Portfolio Review with Pretty Focused Coach
  • BONUS #3: Full-Length Session Walk-Throughs
  • BONUS #4: Sales Post Templates
  • BONUS #5: Expense Tracker
  • BONUS #6: Free Content Updates
  • BONUS #7: Photo Editing Preset
  • BONUS #8: 100 Highly Searched Recipes
  • BONUS #9: The Pretty Focused Buyer’s Club with over SIX HUNDRED buyers who want to hire you!

How Much Can I Expect to Earn After I Become a Food Photographer?

After you become a food photographer, you can expect to earn between $850 and $7,500 a month.

  • New Pretty Focused grads earn about $850/month.
  • Average grads earn about $2,400/month.
  • Top grads earn about $7,500/month.

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