Ready to create a 5-figure monthly income as a Pinterest expert and start working less?


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Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

Imagine What It Would Feel Like If You Remove The Stress & Worry And Replace It With A Vision & A Plan…

Whether you’re a side hustler, Pinterest virtual assistant (or any other service provider) or a digital business owner looking to level-up, it’s time to scale to a 5-figure monthly income as a Pinterest expert.

By taking action and implementing what you will learn from the Pinterest Expert Business Academy, you can create a sustainable business model that supports the life you want to live!

We’ll focus on long-term business growth with strategic milestones along your journey – all to avoid stress, exhaustion and burnout. Your 5-figure monthly income business model will be designed to fit the needs of your life.

We aren’t just teaching you how to scale up and offer high-end packages. In addition to offering Pinterest services, you’ll learn new Pinterest-based assets you can provide to clients and your audience that will inject multiple new streams of revenue into your business, all while working less.

In fact, this strategy will completely make you rethink your goals for you and your business!

There is no other program designed like this for you to become a Pinterest expert.

Meet Your Business Coach & Mentor

Hi, I’m Kristin Larsen – I’m a #dogmom, coffee drinker and love to use exclamation points!

I’m a former interior architect & designer turned CEO of my own business as an online digital entrepreneur expert who loves nothing more than teaching people just like you how to launch, grow and create a thriving business as a Pinterest expert.

While at my day job, I started a blog to share all my side hustle stories in an effort to help other people make money in their spare time, too.

I quickly learned that my best marketing skill was sending tons of traffic directly from Pinterest to my blog. In return, my blog started making money through very strategic planning. I knew I was on to something big!   

Before I knew it, I was offering Pinterest-based services and quickly grew from having a couple of recurring clients to a maxed-out roster.

I created a Pinterest management firm. I hired and trained team members to support me so I could continue to be the visionary of my business.

In addition to offering Pinterest-based services, I diversified my income by offering a suite of Pinterest-based and digital products for my clients and audience, among other online revenue streams!

All in all, I was able to walk away from my 9-5 in just ten months. 

What started out as making my first $60 online has blossomed into a thriving 7-figure business. 

Nothing gets me more excited than educating and guiding people (I’m looking at you!) on how to create a sustainable digital business as a Pinterest expert. The possibilities are endless!

Working with Kristin is an absolute joy! Her program is incredibly well organized, and she delivers on promises in lightning-quick ways. Kristin has a deep understanding of her students' struggles and needs, and she unabashedly advocates for their success, especially in helping Pinterest VA's to value their skills and earn the money they deserve!
Susan Moeller
Tailwind, Marketing Partnerships Manager

This unique 12-month program combines group coaching, training, support and community as you scale your business as a Pinterest expert.

12-Month Program & Curriculum

This program is designed to meet you where you are right now — whether you’re starting from scratch, switching from Pinterest  (or any other) virtual assistant to CEO or scaling your business.

This timeframe allows room to grow your business, make tweaks and create a sustainable business model.

Weekly Content Critique to Review Your Work

Submit content each week to be reviewed by Kristin or a coach for personalized 1:1 feedback in a group setting.

This includes your various assets, such as your portfolio, services, packages, client work, SOPs, client analysis, hiring and more.

Strategy Calls with Kristin

Twice per month, Kristin will run a live group strategy call that will focus on both business strategies and implementation.

We’ll focus on developing your 5-figure monthly income mindset, discuss obstacles, clients and fix issues you may be having.

Our Full Program Material, Training, Workbooks, Templates & Guides

Our turn-key assets will help you grow your Pinterest-based business and save you dozens of hours instead of starting from scratch.

This includes videos, templates, resources, guides, workbooks and more.

Access to Our Private Community

Ask questions and get feedback from your peers, Kristin and our coaches.

Our custom and inclusive community is designed to ask questions and share wins, all while surrounded by like-minded business owners.

Client Acquisition Leads

We regularly receive requests from business clients looking to hire talent from our specialized program. Clients have a wide range of budgets and look for all different experience levels.

You’ll have access to these client leads inside the academy.

Onboarding & Milestone Calls

We’ll kick things off with an onboarding welcome call with Kristin or one of our coaches to welcome you to our unique program.

Then, at pre-determined intervals, you’ll have a 1:1 Milestone call with Kristin or a coach to check in, review your results and prepare for the next steps of your business! 

Here’s What We’ll Do Together in the
Pinterest Expert Business Academy:

Work with Clients

Build Testimonials & Create Case Studies

Establish Your Business Presence

Transition to Mid to High-End Clients

Develop SOPs

Consistent Income that is Steadily Increasing 📈 

Create New Products and Offerings

Hire a Team Member (or more!)

Streamlined Operations While Working Less

Sustainable 5-Figure Monthly Income 🚀

You Know This Program Is Designed For You If…

You’ve had enough of your 9-to-5
Maybe you like your 9-5, maybe you don’t. Either way you feel like it’s time to take the plunge and start your own business. The thing is, you want to do it the right way the first time around.
You’re ready to Level Up Your existing Business
You want to move beyond a side-hustle and create a rock-solid business that CONSISTENTLY generates 5-figures per month while working less than full-time hours.
You’re craving Consistency
One month you feel like a rock-star and then next month you’re wondering which expenses to trim. Your revenue lacks consistency and you’re never sure what next month is going to look like.

You’Re Income has hit a Wall

You have a consistent roster of clients but your income has hit a wall. You know that landing bigger clients is within your grasp but if feels like your business model and lack of time are getting in the way.
You’re growing tired of the daily grind

You love your business but you’re tired of the daily grind — responding to client messages and emails take way too long and you always feel caught up in the minute details instead of growing your business.

And You Are So Ready For This To Happen…


Having a full roster can be great…and not so great. We want to make sure the time you are spending supporting your clients is equal to your experience and you are getting paid what you deserve.

The cycle of pitching a client, only to work together for 30-60 days, is exhausting. We’ll focus on how to extend the life cycle of your clients so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Nothing feels better than knowing how much money you will be earning each and every month! 

Your business is growing at a healthy ratE

While it’s not possible to go from zero dollars to 5-figures overnight (that would be amazing!), we can go from where you are right now and put you on a trajectory path that helps you scale your business in an intentional way.

Whether you are a brand new side hustler, have a few clients or ready to double down on your business, our roadmap helps you at every stage.


You’re the creator and visionary of your business – let’s keep it that way. You’re no longer working in your business on all the things, but focusing on growing your business.

Hiring support will only help your business grow when the time is right, but we’ll do it in a strategic way that makes sense for your business. This can be overwhelming and you’ll be wondering if you can even afford to do this!

With our SOPs (standard operating procedures), we help make the hiring and onboarding process easy so you can stay focused.

Your Business is diversifiED

You love supporting your clients and getting them results. But you are so much more than a Pinterest-based service provider!

Once your business is thriving with client services, we’ll tap into other areas for you to explore so you can support clients and your audience with digital products and unique offerings.

You’re living the life you’ve envisioned for yourselF

Say no to stress you’re currently having and yes to building the business you have always wanted. 

You’ve created a sustainable business model that brings in 5-figures per month and allows you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy life! 

When you enroll in the Pinterest Expert Business Academy, our 12-month program combines the best of everything.

You’ll receive a mix of group coaching and 1:1 feedback in a group setting.

We’ll review your business with our high-level business training and provide guidance so we can take you from where you are today to a 5-figure monthly income.

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What Students Are Celebrating:

The 4-Part Framework to 5-Figure Months

Without the proper framework, implementing your business strategy will prove to be both challenging and frustrating. How you do things is just as important as what you do! My 4-part framework will help you design, launch and grow a business that works for YOU.

Phase 1: Build Your Foundation

The foundation is what will shape your entire business trajectory.

With a foundation, you can launch and grow your business based on who you are, your ‘why’ for starting your business and what your core values are as a person and business owner.

Phase 2: Take Action

By taking action, you’ve implemented what you’ve practiced and gotten real results.

Without implementing what you have built as your foundation, you could be attracting the wrong clients, if any clients at all. We

Phase 3: Cultivate

As your business grows, you are becoming more confident. You’re developing a unique business that is attracting the right kind of clients.

You can envision achieving your goals and have brainstormed ideas that will produce additional income for your business.

Phase 4: Thrive

With the right strategy, you can focus on optimizing parts of your business.

By working more efficiently, you can have more time to focus on creating additional income strategies for your business.

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