5 Steps to Starting a PVA Business

Bloggers & businesses NEED your help! They know they should be on Pinterest, but have NO IDEA how to get started.

NOW is the perfect time to start your own Pinterest virtual assistant business! 

5 Steps to Starting a Pinterest VA Business will help you to:

Discover where to find clients. The hardest part about starting a new business is finding clients! Learn how to choose (and then find) your target market, plus the difference between inbound and outbound marketing.

How much to charge for your services. Our pricing packages and service-based lists will help you determine what to offer and how much to charge.

Learn how to pitch clients. We'll show you how to pitch clients with confidence, and why it's so important to follow-up (including customizable templates!).

You'll receive 5 video modules with slides, an interactive companion workbook, a pre-recorded Q+A session with students & more!